Adhesions/scar tissue/endo - all related?! Also rectal bleeding related to the condition? Confused!! :(

Hi again all, I recently posted about managing the pain until my laporoscopy which is in 10 weeks time, but I went to the docs to get some more painkillers on Friday afternoon but saw a different GP and she examined me and said my pain seems like internal infection/scar tissue which is causing adhesions and why I can't walk normally very well at the moment (literally feels like a tugging on my right side, so painful it makes me feel sick) and NOT endometreosis - although i thought the adhesions are caused by endo?! Could it just be that non specialists don't know much about the condition? I am going back tomorrow to get something stronger as I just can't get on with anything so hopefully will get a different drug to codeine or at least a higher dosage. Another interesting point is that I mentioned I think I have hemorrhoids (no GP has ever examined me for them, I just said it bleeds after I go/blood on the toilet paper and they prescribed me suppostries for piles, this was 2012) and she also did an examination for them, she said a small one is present but possibly not reason for as much blood I have in the toilet after a movement. Has anybody had any experience with this? She said it could be if my bowel is connected to ovary or womb because of the adhesions. I'm starting to get really confused with all the different info, I know I should just be patient and wait for my laporoscopy (they wrote again to the hospital to push it forward but basically told me not to count on it) so they can see what's wrong, but the pain is starting to be really worrying, and I never usually complain about being ill!! If anyone can offer some advice it'd be great. X

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  • Hi Louise,for starters don't pay any heed to what she said as she's not your consultant nor can she see inside for her saying it looked like an infection then why didn't she give you an antibiotic????.......I also find it very hard to walk and if Im going out anywhere I have to use crutches that were given to me by my consultant to try and help...the pain associated with endo differs from person to person but one thing we can all relate to is the severe pain that we do get and vomiting on top of that is cruel(I also use to vomit up to 8times a day)......make sure when you go to your doctor tomorrow that you don't leave until your heard properly and that you get proper painkillers, for the bleeding when you go to the toilet,I suffer with piles constantly due to IBS and all the painkillers making me constipated and I don't want to alarm you but if your passing a good bit of blood when you go and when she examined you and only found a small pile I would be doubtful that the bleeding is related to that and tell your doctor about this again and ask him to write to them again explaining everything and get your appt sooner.....At the moment I have 5piles and would maybe get a dot on the toilet paper when I wipe,but not every-time.........I really feel for you and can't even begin to imagine how your coping with the pain,god love you.......Make sure you get heard tomorrow and ill be thinking of you....Best of luck,hope you feel better soon xx

  • Hi cuddlybear,

    Thanks for your reply - it's really reassuring to talk to people who understand!! I'm so sorry it sounds like you've been through so much with it, it's awful. I'm going to be forthright tomorrow, my Mother is going to come with me so, as you say, I don't leave until I get what I need - I get a bit emotional whenever I go and think having someone with me will help me get across what I need to say! (i.e, I'm in so much pain I can't get on with my life!) I really hope I can get my operation sooner too. Also, I think I have accepted that the bleeding is to do with all this other stuff, it's way too coincidental and has worsened with my pain. Thanks again for all your advice x

  • Hi louise...there's no need to thank me...brilliant idea bringing your mam along,I did the same and she spoke up for me and make sure they know the full impact its having on your life,of course you get emotional,we all do its really hard to stay positive when your sick and in so much pain...ill be thinking of you tomorrow and if you get a chance send me a pm to let me know how you got on....Best of luck x

  • How are you cuddlybear?

  • Just taking each day as it comes Barbara,will b gettin official word on friday.....i promise ill pm you as soon as I get a chance.....hope ur feelin a bit beter today xx

  • Hello.

    First of all bleeding from your bottom is a "red flag" symptom which GP's should take notice off!

    Bleeding from your bum can be related to Endo (especially during your period) but also to a number of other conditions.

    In your position I would write a polite but assertive letter to your consultant. Explain to them that your pain has dramatically increased and you are finding it difficult to alleviate the pain despite visiting your GP. Also explain about your bleeding from your bum and say that your GP found no obvious reason for the blood loss that you are experiencing. I would also send a copy of your letter to your GP.

    Adhesions are out bodies natural response to injury, infection, surgery and endometriosis. Adhesions often cause pain ( unfortunately I know first hand).

    Please let me know how you get on.


  • I also have a lot of pain all on rt side,nausea,vomiting for 7 months post opt after bilateral salpingo oomphrectomy plus infected mass.. Felt good for 2 weeks then pain,nausea,vomiting.. Luckily my GP listened had several tests but they say it's due to Endo,adhesions & infected mass.. They won't remove adhesions cause it usually makes it worse, but I wonder since I've seen many posts of removing endo... Be persistent, write down what you want to say at next appointment.. I found a hospital that specializes in pelvic pain & have been going for pelvic floor pt that has helped some, better than nothing.. Also just has my second trigger point injection inside the vagina area --didn't really hurt & helped release the tightness & pain... Keep me posted & I pray you find a doc to listen so you can feel better..that's the big problem since many docs don't know or understand what pelvic pain is & how severe it can be... Good luck

  • Thanks so much everyone. I went back and they gave me 30mg codeine this time that I can take twice four times a day.... it does work better, but I can still feel everything. I also got some sleeping tablets. She prescribed me 500 of the codeine tablets (the pharmacist wouldnt give them to me at first because they thought the dr had made a mistake....) because that is what will see me through until the laparoscopy :( I am so not happy about taking so much every day for 2 months, and I'm a total zombie at work. The GP said "ah, we do have fun with pelvic pain..." they have all said they are treating me blind and need the laparoscopy to know what to do next. But I am so sure something has changed since I had a transvaginal ultrasound scan a month or so ago, the pain is different and constant, I'm not sure I can bear another 2 months let alone a week like this. My Mum keeps saying she will take me to A&E but I'm so sure they'll turn me away once they know I have the lap date? What can they do on the spot anyway? I really don't know what to do anymore, I never take pain killers and I have a pretty high pain threshold. Really not sure where to turn now :(

  • Hi Louise,you really are having a tough ride at the moment.....if the pain is that bad and you have noticed a change over the last month then of course I would listen to your mam and go to A&E.....they cant turn you away,they will prob do tests,scans,bloods etc as well as getting you examined by a consultant....if anything they should decide to go ahead and do the lap now rather than later.....change is important and judging by your posts your in a lot of pain and really struggling and need to get looked after now and get some proper pain relief as your GP can only prescribe so much whereas a consultant can prescribe you something much stronger....will be thinking of you,best of luck and let me know how you get on xx

  • I ended up going to out of hours last night. The consultant felt my ovaries from the outside and he said they're both very swolen and gave me the same anti biotics I've had before which didn't help. I had a blood test on Friday because I had an internal examination which showed I was tender in all directions (both ovaries, womb, cervix) and on Monday they told me everything is normal, no high white blood count meaning there is no infection (I was reluctant to take anti biotics again) I'm going back AGAIN today to see a Nurse practitioner who is really kind and I've seen most of my life for sexual health matters, I know only really GP's can do anything but this is my last resort before I give up and just take the pain killers until my lap. I just want to know why everything is so swollen and painful but I don't have an abnormal white blood count. I don't even know if this is a symptom of endo? Who knows what I have at this point... They did treat me for pelvic inflammatory disease with antibiotics about 3 months ago but it did nothing. Aaaah! :(

  • Hi Louise,how did you get on yesterday....for me the worst part of having endo is getting people to listen to you,they do the normal blood tests then try and convince you there's nothing wrong.....just because your white cell blood count is ok doesn't mean everything is normal,what it does mean is you don't have an infection tnk god and you dont need an antibiotic so genuinely dont understand why they gave you one......look at all Ive been through(I've had 39 ops over the last 2oyrs including hysterectomy,bowel resection,pcos,endo,have endo on bowel,bladder,stomach,small bit on lungs....everything is stuck together again) yet white cell count was only up once over the years,pet the fact your in so much pain and your insides are swollen and tender there is definitely something wrong,its so frustrating knowing your in so much pain and terrified about what there going to find yet still struggling to get them to listen to you...Only recently I've got a new consultant who specialises in endo and he is so understanding and explains everything in so much detail and genuinely cares,in fact he said he has never come across a case like mine and has been practising over 20yrs now....only yesterday he gave me a call to see how Im getting on(I only saw him 8wks ago)and hes writing out to give me an earlier appointment in order to organise another surgery sooner than planned and that the bowel and bladder consultants on his team will also be finally find a consultant who genuinely cares and does everything he can to make life easier for me is a complete shock as didnt think I would ever find someone like him,someone that understands and has a heart.....I really hope you get sorted soon and in the meantime make sure to look after yourself and do take the painkillers and rest as much as you can and feel free to pm me anytime....sending cyber hugs your way:)

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