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How soon after Lap can I use exercise bike?

Hi, I've googled but can't find answer cos it keeps coming up with info about monthly cycle, even when I use the word 'bike'!

I'm having Lap to remove endo next week. Obviously I'd start gently, but how long should I wait? Is it just til initial pain goes so within the week, or do I have to wait a month or so?

I've read about other activities which say start when you feel ready, but others say even if you feel ok outside, you don't know what the wounds are like inside. Thanks, Sara xx.

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You do need to monitor how your own body feels but I think most exercise trainers would say wait at least a month. My yoga teacher told me to take a 6 week break. You have to remember that everything has been disturbed deep inside when you have any kind of surgery and you will feel pain/discomfort with certain types of movement. Also for the first week or two after the anaesthetic you feel quite sleepy and lethargic.

Be kind to yourself and start off with gentle walks until you feel stronger.


Hi Inside Out - thanks for your reply. I think I will do what you said and for the first month just have gentle walks. Its just really tempting to do more when like you said, your insides can't handle it but it's not worth it is it, when you could cause damage. I'll leave the bike for a month, and the same for lifting light weights aswell (and obviously when I do start, I'll do it gently and see how my body reacts etc). Thanks again! Sara xx


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