Any advice greatly appreciated

Ok I will try to keep this brief,

I was diagnosed with endo after lap in December 2013, was found to be very severe and my surgeon decided it was too diffuse to lazer anything, so I was fitted with the coil. This didn't help with the pain, although it has now stopped my periods, witch is quite nice. I was then put on prostap with add back hrt, I am just coming to the end of 6 months of it, this doesn't seem to have helped either! Have just suffered with bad mood swings and depression so not great! I have just had an appointment with consultant and basically been told there is nothing more they can do (until I have kids) im 23 and although im in a long term relationships we aren't ready for children. So im in a bit of a dilemma, no painkillers seem to touch the pain, so there's a dead end. I have read a lot about the endo diet? Can any one tell me if they have had any success with this and excercise? feel like im hitting my head against a brick wall so any comments would be really helpful right now ...

thanks charl xx

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  • Hiya. Have you been referred to a specialist centre yet? Incase not the link is . A really useful website for the endo diet is endo resolved by caroline levitt but tbh until you have your endo actually excised by a specialist endo surgeon it will always be there potentially causing problems. An endo specialist will be able to deal with severe endo so its definately possible :-) good luck & I hope you get some relief soon x

  • Really sorry you are feeling like that. I started the endo diet 5 weeks ago, I have stopped eating gluten, dairy and read meat and started having more vegetables. I’ve just got my period yesterday and it has been significantly better than before. I feel almost normal, I can’t believe it! My pain is manageable and I had no other symtoms (before I used to get loads of nausea and fatigue, as well as pain). I know it does not work for everybody but I think it definitely worth a try, you have nothing to lose and it might help you symptoms.

  • Hi, I have now been on a diet for 4 weeks after going to see a nutritionist and have not had to use any pain relief since. As someone else has said, I have removed caffeine, gluten, wheat and sugar from my diet. I no longer have headaches and no longer have pain when going to the toilet. I am already vegetarian but have upped the amount of green veg I eat and the amount of nuts and seeds I eat. I exercise 3-4 times a week and find this really helps although sometimes I can get backache (doesn't last long and more muscular in nature). I am thinking of trying yoga as that's meant to be helpful. I was diagnosed with severe in January and this is the

    Best I've felt since.

  • This is amazing!! I've been reading books about natural healing through nutrition and gentle exercise and it has had such good success rates with case studies. I've started to try a similar thing, so good to see someone having good benefits...keep positive stick with with :) x

  • Hey thanks for your replies, I haven't been referred to an endo specialist but if I can't cope on diet and excercise I will push for it! im willing to give it a good go! Just a little bit of a scary thought at the moment.... the positivity is lacking today.... :(

  • If you want any other information let me know. I have also been on 6 months of zoladex with hrt and felt emotional throughout, I opted to come off them after 6 months and that's when I started the diet. I went to a local university nutritional clinic which meant I only paid £15 for 2 sessions but have found the information I got so valuable. I don't know if they do this at other universities? The book I was recommended was henrietta norton - taking control of endometriosis - really good and was recommended by the nutrionist. The author is a nutritionist who also has endometriosis. Good luck. Hoping tomorrow is a better day for you

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