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Provera 10mg x 3 a day will help me to get pregnant?

Hello, I have been on cerazette for the past 18 months which has helped massively with my endometriosis, but seems to have stopped working. The doc said I should start on provera 10 mg three times a day, but that I could get pregnant so to use condoms. As I want to get pregnant soon does anyone know if the provera could help? If so this would be like a miracle for me as I so so scared of coming off progesterone pills which I feel have really helped keep my endo at bay. By going on Provera I could keep my endo at bay and perhaps get pregnant at the same time? Does anyone know if this is true? The doc said the Provera would not hurt the baby as you produce similar amounts of progesterone when you are pregnant.

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I dont believe the Provera itself will help. But if your Endo has been at bay or decreased in any way during the course of your treatments, you may have a better chance of becoming pregnant. Good luck :)


That's helpful thank you very much :)


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