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Laparoscopy & Endo

Hi. I have just unexpectedly had Laparoscopy and removal of Endometriosis which I never knew I had. I'm 30 and want another baby. I'm very new to all this and am trying to find out as much as I can. Are there stages of Endo? Does it always come back? Am I unlikely to conceive again? No one has explained anything to me and I'm feeling overwhelmed by it all. My Laparoscopypy was 5 weeks ago and though i have recovered well I am so tired all the time. Is this normal? Also I had 2 blood transfusions during my op. Thanks for reading 😊

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Hi Shan, so sorry to hear you have endometriosis, horrible disease. I was diagnosed by accident as well, after having experience horrible pains following a D&C. My gynae did the lap to see what was causing the pain and found "extensive" endometriosis. It wasn't until I got my records just recently that I found out how extensive it was. I would recommend getting the record of your lap so you have an idea where it was found and how much they took out.

The endometriosis does not always come back, it depends on the skill of the surgeon and how thoroughly he removed everything, but in all reality I would be prepared for it to come back. With regards to your worry about fertility, I can put your mind at rest there. When I had my surgery 11 years ago following a miscarriage, one of the first things my gynae said to me was: "Well, at least the endometriosis doesn't cause you fertility issues as you were pregnant." And he was right as I went and had two healthy children after my laparoscopy. It does not cause fertility issues in every woman.

I would suggest read the articles by a lady called Lindle here on the forum, she is a fount of knowledge and feel free to PM me if you want to ask anything else. It can be daunting, but the community here is lovely and you can learn a lot here. *hugs*



Thanks for replying to me. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage 😞 But very pleased you went on to have children 🤗

As far as I'm aware the Endo was found outside my womb and it was all removed. That's what I was told when I was discharged. I'm due to go back in July for my final post op consultation. Are they any questions in particular you think I should ask?

I have heavy periods, bad tummy aches and sore achy legs during the first few days of my periods but they have always been like this as long as I can remember. Also I have some pain during intercourse. I take it these are symptoms of Endo? Sorry to sound oblivious I'm just trying to get myself in the know xx



Im in australia in brisbane.

Im 11 weeks post lap where they found extensive endo which was a complete shock to me too.

Be prepared to go through the normal emotions of finding out and try not to be too overwhelmed by what you read.

I found myself thinking it will come back especially after each period wld cme.

Have it in the back of your mind,get regular mri and ultrasounds and never ignore ongoing pain.

In 75 percent of people it doesnt cme back if all is taken out.

You will conceive,always have it in the background and you will stay on top of it from now on



And have that life plan mapped out

Try for the children,plan if it does come back after kids what you will do and you will be right.

Im 42 forgot to say and my plan is aiming for 45 hopefully before another lap,after that ill see how far i get before try a partial hysto which keeping my ovaries shld skate me through to menopause.

Just factor things in like saving money,keeping annual leave and you will have a lot less worries than some lovely people on here


So have you had more than one Laparoscopypy then? How do you know when it's time to go back for another. As far as I'm aware mine has been removed so when would I know if it's back?

I'm still going to go ahead with planning a baby anyway. I still have to go back for my post op consultation so I'll see what they say to me there. Hopefully they will explain a few things to me x


Hey,bit of a time lapse here in australia you might be in bed now.if you keep up with regular checkups,i wld suggest scanning every 2 years like a pap,it should never get to the stage of some people on this site,infiltrating the bowel,bladder etc

Thats how i plan to tackle it.this was my first lap,so ive come to terms with maybe another one if needed and then hysto.

The babies in your case will slow it down if it is returning as pregnancy gives you a breathing space.after that be vigilant and you will get through.



I would get a copy of the report. I was told it was on the bottom/back of my uterus, my bladder and my bowel, but when I read the report it said it was on my Pouch of Douglas, uterosacral ligaments, peritoneum and bowel. While the consultant was not wrong, I liked having the full report and read all the medical jargon as it made it clearer for me where exactly the endo was.

Your symptoms sound similar to mine, I also have stabbing pains in my cervix, lower back pain radiating down my leg, which is typical for endo in the Pouch of Douglas.


Yeah I'm going to ask for a copy of the report. I'm hoping for some answers and someone to explain to me what exactly has gone on in my next consultation.

Do you manage to get by ok or do you find it difficult?


I will get back to you next thursday when i see my consultant as well.i really dont want to go on the pill at my age ,as they sometimes offer this as a way of keeping it at bay.

Endo is caused by the lining inside your uterus starting to grow outside the uterus attaching itself to different organs etc.

I am going to ask if i can go with my own periods with no artificial help and see what he thinks and how long i might get.

I will let you know.

Bear in mind though you might get more time due to having kids



I had a laparoscopy 6 weeks ago and I am still feeling quiet tired, I think this is normal as our bodies have been through a lot. I have also struggled dealing with it all emotionally as well so this hasn't helped the tiredness feeling.

The consultant should send a letter to your GP explaining what was found and removed during the lap so you could always ask your GP for a copy of the letter if the consultant hadn't sent one.

In my follow up, the consultant explained what he'd removed (and showed me pictures) and we discussed what the plan was next. My gyne said there is a 25% chance that it can come back. I want to try for a baby and the consultant said for me to go ahead and start trying when I felt ready. Write down any questions you have when you think of them and take them with you in case you forget anything when you are there. Xx


That's good news 🤗

I'm hoping someone will explain to me like yours did a little bit about it and what to expect. I'll definitely ask for the report as you said it's good to know what exactly has been done


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