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Pounding Heart?

Hi :)

Does anyone have a pounding heart as part of their endo?

This past month or so, my heart is pounding when resting / lying down. It's a horrible uncomfortable feeling :( it's affecting my sleep so I'm absolutely drained.

My BP & heart rate are in normal ranges, I monitor these daily.

I have started BP meds back at the beginning of May so I am going to see my GP next week to check.

Thanks girlies x

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear that you are struggling. I just wanted to send a little note to let you know that you are not alone. I get this same thing but in my stomach. If I lie down on my back (but especially on my front or when I am in the bath) I can feel a strong pounding. I can also see it pulsing up and down, just like a heartbeat but in my stomach. It was bad a few weeks ago but it has subsided a bit now. I just put it down to yet another inconvenience and odd symptom of Endo that us girls have to deal with but with anything I am not sure about I always go and see my GP for further advice.

I hope you manage to get some shut eye soon.


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Thank you x

Sorry to read you get this too!

Yes! I can see my chest /stomach pulsating at times quite strongly too. It's so weird!

I try to keep myself busy so I don't feel it but I'm now exhausted and need some proper sleep. I only got a few hours again last night.

Hope it eases for you x


Hi! Yeah, I get that. I kind of thought it may be stres or anxiety related. Or something to do with blood sugars after eating. Don't know why I think this though :-/



I get this too and completely understand how weird and scary it can be!

You describe that you can see your chest/stomach moving, that's your aorta, the biggest artery delivering oxygenated blood from your heart to the rest of your body, so that's normal :)

Other contributing factors to the beating heart feeling (palpitations) are; carbonated drinks, anxiety, caffeine, excersise, drugs, alcohol and pain.

Wishing you all a 'comfortable' day :)


Yes i get that and it freaks me out. I have suffered panic disorder in the past so the doctors always call it anxiety. But i have been on zoladex 6 months ago so my hormones have been messed about and I'm sure it has to do with my hormones :-/


I have similar heart palpitations, I get them when I sit down, stand up, lying down and at other times for no particular reason. A blood test found that I have extremely low iron levels whih can cause dizziness and palpitations. I understand that low iron levels can be caused by heavy periods. Could be something your GP could explore.

I know how scary they can feel especially when you're trying to sleep but try not to worry - I find worrying just makes it worse.

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Thanks girls x

I'm following the endo diet as much as I can so caffeine intake is extremely rare. Hopefully all the veg is giving me enough iron.

I am a stressball but no more than normal lol

Will see my GP and get checked anyhows :) x


I have been gettin bad palpitation but Neva thought it could be my endo so it's reassuring to hear other women suffer the same!!


Yep !!! Actually heart palpations are one of the 1st signs i get that im about to start a period !! Proper thuds which are actually very u comfortable !!!

Apparently its to do with the hormone changes that trigger a period :-0

You are not alone !! I thought i was cracking up or ready for a heart attack lol nooo its hormones n endo !

Havent found a way to help it ? On the mini pill since last december & still get it if i have a bleed :-(

Hope your feeling better soon xxx


Thanks girls x

Going to see my GP next Monday just to check it's nothing to do with my BP meds.

I've other health issues besides endo and you learn to cope with things but this pounding heart is the worst thing I've ever experienced tbh!

Fingers crossed it eases x


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