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Racing heart/pulse

Hey everyone

Been for my pre op today and got told again my heart and pulse is racing. Apparently it needs to be under 90 and mine was 120 which she said is extremely high. I do feel like my hearts beating out my chest some days.

I'm sure it's nothing to worry about and everyone has said it's probably all the medications I'm taking. Has anyone else had the same problem from their meds and if so what did you do about it? I can't manage without my meds and taking the following most days

Codeine 30/500







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Hi hun.

I have the same as you during my stay in hospital, baring in mind I was just laying in bed my heart rate was between 125-135.

The Dr was concerned but actually said yes it was worrying but he was pretty sure that it was pain that was causing my heart rate to be high so they monitored it before and after giving me morphine and it dropped to around 100 which was still high but the morphine doesn't completely take the pain away for me😣 it's part of the reason this frustrates me so bad, they couldn't care less about Leaving me in this pain, which is causing my heart rate to be sky high putting me at god know what risk, so fed up.

Hope it helps you though hun to know you aren't alone xx


It's a huge help knowing I'm not alone thanks hun.

I was in pain this morning and only took 2 codeine before my appointment as it was at 9am and I didn't feel like my heart was racing like I can feel it some days. I was chatting away to the nurse and felt relaxed, she made me sit there for 10 mins telling me to take deep breath and relax but it wouldn't go down and I couldn't of felt more relaxed unless she gave me a massage or something :)

It being caused by pain makes sense actually. I was in alot of pain at my last pre op in march and the same thing happened then my pulse was racing. I had a ecg today and at my previous pre op in march and both times been told that's ok everything is just racing.

It's just another worry isn't it. The nurse today told me to keep a eye on it and maybe go back to my gp about it but I don't know what else he can do apart from what he's doing.

I keep trying to cut down on my meds but end up in absolute agony and awake for about 50 hours while I try and get the pain back under control xx


To be honest hun, I wouldn't try and cut them down my Dr in hospital said it was causing more problems being in pain with a high heart rate he said it was more important to get pain under control.

I was told the same discuss it with my Dr I saw her yesterday and she it's pointless trying to look at that at the moment with all the pain I'm in which Is obviously they same as you.xx


I'll carry on with them too at the min then hun. It does make sense it being the pain now you've said that hun as I try to manage without for as long as I can then take them again so it probably is cos I'm letting the pain get so bad xx


Yes the Dr in hospital said as much as painkillers are good for you, being in pain is actually worse because it causes all sorts of things to go on I your body your heart rate being one of them.

My Dr said to me yesterday that they can give you pulls for heart rate but they would even consider giving then to someone in chronic pain.

When is your op hun xx


I might speak to my gp about it again and see what he says. If it is pain related and meds maybe we need to change them. The tramadol and codeine don't work as well anymore I've been taking them that long.

My next op is 23rd June hun so 3 weeks tomorrow not that I'm counting or anything. I just want to feel better now or at least a bit so I can get back to work and to having some sort of life again. I can't cope being stuck at home all the time xx


Yes I would I had been offered morphine alot and have only recently the last month moved over to it because the tramadol and cocodamol weren't helping me anymore and I couldn't function with the level of pain, the morphine is a lot better but it has already been increased because of the level of pain I'm in, which I'm sure you are you have lots going on hun.

Not long then I hope this improves some of you pain hun. I'm the same I'm pretty much house bound and I'm so sick and tired of looking at the same 4 walls 😢xx


Do you have adenomyosis by any chance as this is strangely enough can be a symptom of adeno?


Hi hun

I don't think so. I had a lap in march and he removed widespread endo that covered everywhere apart from my ovaries and tubes. It was all over my bladder and bowel too. Would they be picked up during a lap? I don't know much about adenomyosis.

Thanks for reply xx


Hi, Adeno is considered a 'cousin' to endo. However it effects the uterus muscle walls whereas endo does not. Unfortunately adeno can be a tricky one to diagnose, especially as its symptoms can be similar to endo, fibroids and endometrial polyps. It wouldn't necessarily be picked up by lap.

Sometimes it can be picked up by hysteroscopy when they insert a camera into your uterus and have a look around. The uterus may (although not always) be bulky or enlarged. It can also be painful to the touch during an internal exam. Sometimes during a hysteroscopy they carry out a biopsy but even this sometimes can miss adeno. Adeno can be diffused throughout the muscle of uterus walls and given a biopsy is so small it may be that a healthy bit of tissue is biopsied - it's a bit like finding a needle in a haystack. Often adeno is diagnosed when all other potential culprits have been ruled out and the symptoms fit!

I'm not saying you definitely have adeno but it may be worth just having a look at adeno on the web. Have a look at the adenomyosis association on the internet if you want some more info.

Best wishes, x


Hi Emma, I think you had your lap around the same time as me (remember reading your posts), mine was on 9th March. Are you having another lap soon? X


Hi hun

Yeah mine was the 6th March so was the same time. How you feeling after yours?

I had a cystoscopy done at the same time as my lap to see what was going on with my bladder as I kept getting uti symptoms and blood in urine but when urine sent of for test it came back as normal, so my gynae con did the cystoscopy but he didnt want to do anything when he got in there as it was breaking and bleeding when he touched my bladder wall so he referred me to a urologist. It's called interstitial cystitis or something so my ops to sort this out. Never ending isn't it xx


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