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Heart pain?

Hi, I haven't posted on here for a while. I've just been getting on with stuff. But recently, my pains are becoming very persistent. I was wondering, can endo affect the heart? For the past couple of weeks, my (normal) chest pains feel different. It's in the centre of my chest, but slightly to my left. And I can imagine the source of the pain coming from behind my ribcage. And whereas it used to be a constant pain, it's now a shooting pain.

I haven't actually been diagnosed with endo yet. I've been given a suggested diagnosis. But in November, I went to hospital and they did loads of checks on my heart, and apparently there's nothing wrong with it. So if the pain isn't directly heart related, can endo affect the heart?

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That might be acid reflex.

My biology teacher said the heart will actually not hurt in the exact area since that would cause you to panic and it would be too painful for you to actually survive from in the wild since you would just faint from the pain or something, at least that's what I remember.

Heart pain with travel to the shoulders, neck and back and will give you jaw pain, or make your jaw clench up.

I went to the hospital for heart pain a while back when I was on Nuvaring, they told me it's pretty rare to feel it right in the heart and that it was acid reflux.

Yes endo can be in the heart, but it can then block off the valves which can lead to heart attack, or a part of the heart dying.

People with endo are prone to heart disease too though.


Hi, not sure about endo and the heart, but I think endo in diaphragm can cause pain higher up, are you on list for a laparoscopy to diagnose,????

If not I would suggest you fight for a diagnosis so it can be dealt with,


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Some have made a link between heart disease and endo -- this article seems to take a balanced approach at interpreting a study on that topic:


Always err on the safe side with your heart! Not all heart attacks or problems will cause searing pain, and they do often feel similar to heartburn. Better to get checked out than be wrong, imo!

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Thank you for the article. If only there was more clarity on endometriosis, it wouldn't be as much of a guessing game. I'm booked in for my lap, so I'm hoping to get it sorted :)


Xx hope you feel much better soon!

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