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Medical with Dwp?

I have been asked to go for a medical with the Dwp because of my endo I was recently looking for work but as I've been unwell with my endo a lot since having lap in in feb they've recomended I go back on the sick, I got a sick note of the dr yesterday for 4weekd but today I recieved a letter asking me to go for a medical now am worried that they'll say am fit for work :/ I am on 100mg tramadol, 500mg naproxen and 100mg of paracetamol for the pain, which is now two weeks of every month I'm having to take them not to mention the other side affects of having endo, can some1 advice me on what is going to be said or just give me some guidence todo with this. Thanks in advance x

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I don't live in uk but I would guess that this is standard procedure if someone has been job seeking and then gets signed off for that long with a chronic illness. Just tell them what you can and just like with the doctor let them know exactly what it is like. Good luck x


Hi I went for a medical with dwp a few weeks back and they didn't beleive a word I was saying and now have to claim jse and sign on. It was a man who interviewed me... Say no more....... I think even people in wheelchairs are even not believed by them. sorry to say but please be ready to sign on jse. But in the meantime you can always appeal. X

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It makes me laugh all this as it's the jsa that's told me to told me to go on esa, and my history with endo is bad, I go the hospital on my Monday to see my gyne so I'll ask him to do me a letter or something thanks hun


Are you applying for ESA?


Back when my symptoms were thought to be chronic fatigue syndrome following a bout of glandular fever, I went into ATOS in my wheelchair. Despite the fact I was in a chair with my husband pushing me, I was still deemed fit for work. Apparently, even washing your hair that day can be counted against you, it's ridiculous!


That is stupid id love to know how they can say ur fit when ur own gp says your not and they know ur history better x


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