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Due for hysteroscopy and lap, plus possible Mirena in a few weeks .... Little bit apprehensive!

Hi there I have received my date thro for procedures (hysteroscopy, lap and possible Mirena coil). The last time I had anything done which was endo related was 10 years ago. I was lucky enough at the time to have a very good job with private health care so I have exploratory lap and then a bit later I had laser lap. Since then I was endo free for a couple of years after the laser surgery, then kiddies came along which also kept it at bay for a while. Now I work from home so don't have private health care ..... Sounds silly but am apprehensive as this bout of surgery is now on the nhs. The last clinic was excellent, the care was amazing and the consultant was able to diagnose and treat me all within six months ....... anyone else been private and also nhs??

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I have been through surgery privately and nhs, aside from the waiting times there hasn't been that much difference and I am only waiting 3 months for my next op. Don't be apprehensive the nhs surgeons are as qualified and thorough than private (as most of them are employed by both) and the only difference on the ward is that the nurses are busier as they have more patients than in a private hospital. My consultant who is NHS is actually more considerate and thorough than my private consultant was! You will be just fine. best of luck for your surgery xx


Aw thank you Elwood and thanks for your input. Hope you're not waiting too long for your next round of surgery xx


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