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Hi Ladies, I had my Laparoscopy for diagnosing and treating endometriosis (first time- exactly 18 weeks and 4 days ago) started to feel great after the lap, my pain decreased woke up feeling normal most days...

but the only thing is I have suffered with vaginal bleeding after my laparoscopy- it was light bleeding and spotting after the lap, then turned to red heavy blood and i was told that was normal expected up to 6/7 weeks post op, and eventually after about 8 weeks it gradually it got lighter and eventually it stopped with the help of Nothisterone tablets 3 x daily , this was about 8 weeks ago it that it all stopped, all of a sudden I have started bleeding again heavily for near on 2 weeks now and I have been for an internal exam at my GP office a few days ago and my doctor believes i either have endometriosis implants formed on my cervix entrance, or a cervical erosion... I have booked in with a different gynecologist (due to mine being out of clinic for a month) for Thursday of this week, hoping to get some answers or any clues as to what this could be, I have no infections, no water or kidney infections or any feelings of major illness, I feel like I am back to square one with my endo pain back ache, leg ache, stomach/bladder area feels as though its full of water (swelling) I feel so low, down, fed up, tired and sore from wearing sanitary pads 24/7 as no tampons allowed because of the endo - I'm fed up of not feeling normal again and bleeding day in day out. has anybody experienced anything like this?

thanks girls xx

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Can I follow this post as I.m in the same boat as yourself in fact I was just about to ask a similar question... I.m fed up at the minute to be honest of it...I had a laparoscopy on dec30 and they said there was nothing present etc..


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