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Update on MRI

I went to see my consultant on the 19th June for my MRI results. The results were not what any of us were expecting, my endometrioma on the left ovary has grown from 4.5 to 8cm in diameter (that was expected) but it is pressing on my ureter (tube from the kidneys) causing it to narrow and harden, so as well as the usual CA-125 blood test I also had to go and have HCG, AFP, LFTs and a U&E blood tests too.

As the endometrioma is also attached to my uterus and due to the ureter problem I am going to need dual surgery.

My consultant also wants me to go for a kidney scan to make sure all is ok with the kidney.

At the moment the outcome is looking like a hysterectomy, removal of endometrioma, stents in the ureter(s) and a clean up using laser to remove the "extensive adhesions" in my abdominal cavity. So a much bigger surgery than any of us thought.

So now it's just a waiting game for scan appointment, blood work results and a meeting with the surgeons and further discussions of what's planned.

Although I'm relieved that I am being taken seriously and believed, but also apprehensive of the results pending and the surgery.

Well that's all from me for now, I wish all the endosisters out there a pain free day/evening/night

Many thanks for reading,

Nicci x

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I know it's scary you have a long old battle to gets diagnosed then by the time they do it's caused untold damage!

I'm currently waiting on 2nd lot of blood results as my first showed my kidneys are only functioning at 64 gfr I know it's the endo causing it as it was confirmed on my 1st lap that I had 2 patches on my left ureter but the consultant didn't want to touch it as he said he didn't want to damage anything! Now I'm a year down the road and suffering hideous pain which leaves me bedridden!!

Good luck with the next step of your journey. Xx


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