Called in for second mri scan!!

Hi, I have just received a letter from the mri department saying my consultant wants another mri scan and also tests for kidney functio. My next scan is a week Thursday. This is my second mri scan my last one was two weeks ago. Have to say I'm alittle concerned as they don't order these things unless they have found something bad. Any advice pls as to why or what they might have found!!! Xx

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  • just wanted to say good luck, keep positive, xxx

  • Thanks tboag, I will try my best but I already know the endo is very severe and I'm scared can't help it I have a bad feeling this time round xx

  • They may have found endo on or in your urinary tract or evidence of your endo affecting kidney function (ie swollen/dilated kidney)

    I have endo on my bladder,but having really bad kidney pain. Anyway I've had kidney ultrasound to rule out stones and they've tested blood and urine for infection. They did find blood in my urine but no infection. I suspect my endo may be in bladder as well.

    I've read that it's rare for endo around urinary system..about 1-4% on bladder..and it's even rarer for it to grow on or in kidneys.

    However if it's constricted your ureters, that could cause some kidney issues.

    I'm having an mri end of month as well. I found a really good medical paper on endo in urinary system which I'll try and link.


  • Thanks angelyn, any advice would be great! Good luck for your scan xx

  • Thanks hun xx

  • I couldn't find the link of the pdf I got so tried that site..but it asks u to subscribe. If you type clinical manifestation bladder endometriosis into Google there's a pdf from a site called ics. The pdf is labelled 719...

    Failing that the endo UK site has a basic leaflet as well.


  • Thank you so much xx

  • Hi - I know from your previous posts that you have stage 4 endo. Although urinary tract endo might in itself be uncommon it is relatively common in stage 4. The bladder sits directly in front of the uterus and will often be adherent to it with endo/adhesions. The kidneys would be rarely affected but the ureters often are in severe disease. This can be serious as there are usually no obvious symptoms because constriction is likely to be cyclical so overall kidney function recovers and is sufficient for blood tests to be normal. But if constriction continues the kidneys can fail before you know anything about it. I had pain in the kidney area and cyclical high blood pressure (a documented symptom) due to cyclical constriction, so I suspected ureteral endo. Both turned out to be covered. But all my blood tests were normal.

    I'm not sure if you are scheduled to see an endo specialist as we have now discussed often on here, but ureteral endo would be picked up on especially if you check that they will look for it.

    Regarding your fears about the reason for another MRI, this will just be to have a better look at something they've seen. If this was ordered by your gynecologist they might be looking to see if your ureters are constricted. But the solution to allay your fears is simple. You are entitled to know what the consultant has said and this should have been reported to your GP. Phone your practice and request a copy of the consultant's report or ask them to read it to you.

    But get to an endo specialist as soon as you can.

  • Hi Lindle, thank you for your message. Yes I am with top endo specialist who is on the list. I have already been told that the endo is very severe and is covered my left ureter. Apparently it's everywhere. I suffer with excruciating back and kidney pain, I lost over a stone in weight,without trying,in 4 months and feel really ill daily. I guess having another mri is for my consultant to double check where endo is etc but my last mri scan took well over an hour,which is why I'm surprised to be called in for another one so soon,it's only been 10 days since my last scan. I will be seeing my gp and consultants next week so I will be asking for my results from the last scan. Thank you so much. You are a gold mine of information and I am very grateful there's someone like you who we can all come to with our concerns. Many thanks hugs xx

  • Hugs to you too! x

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