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10 days post Lap and experiencing pain after weeing

Following my daughters diagnostic Lap last week in which the surgeon removed widespread superficial endo she is becoming more and more painful every time she has a wee. The pain is a little 'underneath' and all across her abdomen for about 10 or 15 minutes after going to the loo. Do you think this is just as a result of the lap or poss developing an infection (not sure whether to make a Drs appoint or not)

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Go to your gp and get a urine dip done. X


Could well be a uti . If you get an appointment take a fresh morning urine sample with you in a sterile jar. The GP will probably dip it and also send it off. They may start her on an antibiotics or wait until results return. Keep up the fluids ideally water . Hopefully it's a uti and will soon feel lots better:) J x


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