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Is endo curable?

Hey! Not to have a really depressing post but is endometriosis curable? For anyone?!! I also have a disability which leaves me on chronic pain (caused by a spinal injury) and this coupled with endo is literally making my life seem absolutely pointless! I just need to feel the hope that maybe endo IS curable. Having my first lap next month so really need some hope xx

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Hiya. No cure unfortunately. Medical drug treatments tend to supress it but when stopped the symptoms return. Pregnancy , hysterectomy and menopause are sometimes falsely given as suggestions to cure but none of them are. Burning the endo in surgery destroys the endo that is seen but not the endo that may be deeper which then regrows back. The experts agree though that the best treatment option is excising the endo. Wide excision and Total Peritoneal Excision are more radical forms of excision surgery and offer the best chance of it not returning but can never be a guarentee. Good luck with your surgery xx


Hi Susiebluesy,

Sorry to hear that you are in so much pain.

Unfortunately, in my experience endo is not cureable but is manageable. While surgery can help, making changes to your diet definitely helps with the pain too. There is lots of info out there on the endo diet/ low inflammatory diet, but basically going wheat- free, dairy free, eating organic where possible, and being aware of dioxins and xenoestrogens in the environment will help.

Hope surgery goes well and you feel some relief soon.



Many people have have reported that following the Endo diet, cutting out sugar, wheat, gluten etc, they have had complete relief from symptoms. Its a really strict diet but it seems to be the only cure I have come across. The idea behind it is to be as healthy as possible, enabling the body to cure itself. There are many books with the diet in that you can buy from Amazon. Good luck x


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