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New to endo - hello to forum

Hi everyone

I have been diagnosed this week with endo and had my first lap on Tuesday. I'm finding recovery from the op to be really painful but I'm guessing it's different for everyone?

I don't really understand endo properly yet so I joined the forum so I can learn.

My biggest fear is with not being able to conceive - what are the factors with endo that stop you from conceiving or having difficulty getting pregnant? I'm 23 and I live with my partner of 4 years and I need to understand endo in order to help him.

I hope everyone with endo find their own way of coping.



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Hi Alice,

Im also 23, and i had my first lap last week. Recovery entirely depends on how easy you take things. I know I've pushed myself and so the past few days have been painful and I've been taking oral morphine to help the pain!! I just hope this stops the pain!

Did your surgeon find anything when they did your lap? I was found to have small bits of endo which they burnt off. Its nice knowing i actually have something to explain my symptoms but just feel a bit silly knowing it was only a small amount that was causing me so much pain, when other ladies here have got severe endo.

I hope your feeling ok today and not in too much pain

Emma Xx


Hi Emma-Louise

It sounds like our situations are very similar! Yes the surgeon found some behind my left ovary and adhesions around the area. I'd been treated before as they'd found an adhesion outside of my cervix inside my vagina and had cryotherapy to get rid of that.

I don't think they found much.

You mustn't feel silly at all, everyone is different and endo is just horrible. You sound very brave :)

I agree that knowing what the problem is nice and you can put an explanation to the pain.

I'm taking codeine for now and sleeping a lot

I hope your pain gets better soon and best of luck with it all.

Alice xx


Oh wow sounds complicated inside.... but its definitely nice knowing that your not alone!

Yer everythings exhausting isn't it? Its nice just resting though. Make sure you have lots of magazines and a good box set to watch!

Hope your feeling better soon

Emma Xx


I think that it's all been removed so I feel much better about it. You're right it is nice to rest!

All the best to you Emma

Alice xx


Hi Alice, welcome to the forum! I'm sorry to hear that you've been diagnosed with endometriosis. I was diagnosed back in April but am having my first laparascopy in August. I'm 25 and had a healthy pregnancy and baby back when I was 18 after a miscarriage, so please don't worry too much.about being able to conceive. We haven't tried again since for many reasons but there are plenty of women on this forum that have had a few children each, alongside their endometriosis x


Hi emaweegirl

Thanks for your message! I know the best place to seek advice is via a forum and I'm very grateful to hear other peoples advice and experiences.

Ah that's great - sorry about your miscarriage though. I wasn't thinking about children before this came along but it throws it into perspective! But it seems there are ways to manage this and to potentially have children. It hasn't properly sunk in yet - I guess time and support will help.

Good luck with your lap in August x x


From what I have been told, 50% of people with endo will be no different to people without endo and if yours is only a small amount you should be ok! But I wouldnt say you feel silly about it only being small - you can have endo everywhere and not have much pain, or have a small amount and have lots of pain! All depends where it is - the main problem when it comes to conception, from I have read, is having adhesions and endo on the ovaries and fallopian tubes.


Hiya, I am also new to this forum and also had my first lap on Tuesday this week, I am also finding it quite a painful recovery! Unfortunately although they did find endo, they also found a lot of inflammation around and adhesions on my bowel as well as something going on with my bladder... all of which ive not had symptoms for, apart from the endometriosis! Hopefully recovery wont be painful for too long for either of us :-) x



I'm sorry to hear that :( I hope that you are coping well and have support around you, and that your op has cleared the endo and adhesions.

It's nice to be able to talk about the disease with others as before I ha never even heard of endo.

Best wishes x


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