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Hi ladies, I have just got back from my gynae appointment and have been prescribed danazol after finishing zoladex in April. There was no other treatment options she could think of but having read the side effects I'm quite scared to take it and I'm considering switching to another gynae. I'm off work at the mo due to pain and as I'm on probation I'm keen to get back ASAP but I can't work when taking tramadol so I feel a bit stuck. Surgery only helped for 3 months, I've tried the implant, mini pill and now on marina coil for a year and the only thing that helped was zoladex but I've had my 6 months. Sorry to waffle but I just don't know what to do for the best! Has anyone been on danazol and what was your experience? I'm a bit worried as I'm a migraine sufferer and have small boobs already and read they can shrink! Also have history of ovarian cancer in family which she didn't ask me about (aunt and great aunt died from this). I get married in 14 months so I'm desperately trying to find something till then as planning a family straight after the wedding

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