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Panic attacks

I have endo but am still having ongoing problems after having adhesions removed in feb! I am being referred back to gyny as no tablets have improved endo! May have another op! About 3 weeks ago I passed out then had a massive panic attack where an ambulance was called! My doctor said it was down to stress! I had another attack today but have just finished my corse of Yasmin pill! Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problems on Yasmin?

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Hi I am not on Yasmin but I do have these panic attacks. I think because altogether the pain, knowing I have a disease that spreads and no one taking us seriously or helping us properly all adds to streets and panic. I wake up panicking sometimes and my confidence has gone. It doesn't help when no one believes how bad we get either. X


They have put me on anti depressants citalopram? See how they go I spose!


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