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Can you see the results of the Dye Test as it's being done? Am worried about having it done without taking anyone with me :-(

My lap in April showed my right fallopian tube was 3 times the width of the left one, which the consultant said was filled with old scar tissue that cannot be removed. I am still in agony every month despite the successful removal of choc cysts so am fairly confident that the dye test will show that that tube is completely blocked. Will I be able to see the procedure at the time or will the screen be obscurred from my view? Have my first fertility app in Aug to discuss the results of this test as have been ttc for over a year but dont know if I can wait that long to find out! Equally if the results confirm my fears at the time I will be devastated and may need some emotional support at the hospital!

Would love to hear from people who have had the test done. Xx

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I had mine done while I had a lap so I'm not sure Hun if u can or not sorry but I was fairly sure my dye test would come back that my tubes where blocked and they where clear, I hope the same happens with u so good luck hun x


If you are getting it done while still awake you should be able to see the screen. I got mine done during lap last month and my right tube is completely blocked. My consultant showed me the pics of the dye going in and my right tube was severely swollen she thought it was going to burst. Only gd news is my left tube is in perfect working order. I also have to wait until aug to find out what is going to happen with my right tube:-( Hope everything goes well for you x


Thank you both for your replies. You both seem to have options which is great. I've had such a speedy referral process since they diagnosed me with Endo (we'll ignore the decades of no diagnosis!) which compared to others has made such a difference. Am slightly gutted that they couldnt have just done this test to me during my lap like you both had but it's only 3 months after so not that long a wait. Have heard mixed reports of how painful it is so am going to stop scaring myself by banning myself from more internet searches!

Good luck to you both. It's not great that we have to go through this (Im actually off sick today with it!!) but every hospital appointment is one step closer to knowing what's going on and how it can be resolved! Xx


Hi lovely, I've had the dye test twice now, once whilst under mri of which I couldnt see the results until my consutlant explained them to me after (no-one can come in the room for the MRI anyway). And once durin a lap, in the lap it showed my left tube was blocked and spazming on top of that so even if it could be cleared there wasnt much point!! The mri had dye test had shown nothing abnormal and then obviously the lap showed this and more. I don't think the mri one is very conclusive to be honest x


Hi there. I had the dye test done as part of seeing what going on due to ttc for 2 years. I was awake throughout it but had my eyes tightly shut as I found it so blooming painful! The lovely nurse said it prob due to adhesions. After the procedure I was dry heaving and hot whilst laying on the bed waiting for the dye to be in me for 10 mins for them to take the pictures. (I was told this is a very uncommon reaction).

Once done, I asked if she could tell me anything..which she did and showed me pics on the screen. It wasn't good news.

I wasn't allowed anyone in the room with me but had someone waiting in the waiting room esp as it said not allowed to drive home ideally.

The leaflet says you will have some normal cramping period pain after...it was more than normal! It was horrible. But again sure it dependent on each individual. This lasted me for a couple of days.

Take a sanitary pad with you for after the test as you do leak a bit after.

Unfortunately I then had a conflict of results when I saw the Gynae a few months later! The report had come back saying everything was fine..complete opposite to what the nurse on the day had said! I got this looked into and was told both tubes were slow to fill but eventually spilled out..a common reaction if have endo. Then a week later got another letter saying they had looked again and my right tube was blocked but left fine. The Gynae was annoyed with this confusion so went ahead with the Lap and re did the dye test. My right tube is blocked and kinked, my left tube is blocked. Plus severe endo on right ovary, bowel,bladder,uterus! Prob why test hurt so much! Been a very emotional rollercoaster.

Sorry if I have scared you with any of this. My case is a rare example where results get confused and the pain I felt. My gynae did say tho that most places wont tell you the results normally when done, so I guess it down to the hospital/person doing it. But I am glad I did ask and got told, even if it meant having the confusion after.

I hope yours goes ok, I am sure it will. Don't be afraid to ask if they can show or tell you anything..worst they can say is no!


Thank you Hope and Squidgy for your replies. Sorry to hear you had such an awful time of it with the painful procedure and then the confusion afterwards Squidgy. How are you now? Im definitely taking my mum with me! Did you go back to work straight after the test? I work in a school and dont know whether I should just get cover for the whole day incase Im in a lot of pain after. Xx


No problem Clarence80. I am recovering slowly,steadily but doing ok after my Lap. Endo pains still the same and awaiting for a letter to see IVF consultant which can be months until hear anything.

I personally wasn't up to working on the same day as having the test done due to how the pain was for me and it totally drained me of my energy. May be best,so you don't feel more pressure and anxious, to take the whole day off. Then you can concentrate on just yourself and the test. I really hope my experience hasn't scared you. It is totally down to the individual. Like I said mine was a rare reaction. Glad you will have someone going with you.


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