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Lap happening 3 days before period is due... What if I'm pregnant ?

Hi all,

I'm panicking as this morning I was contacted and now have my second lap on Tuesday. I was surprised as I was told it wouldn't be until September time. Because of the short notice I haven't abstained from unprotected sex as hubby and I are ttc. This is our 6 month of trying and I know it's unlikely but there's always a chance I could be and then having the op could ruin everything. My lap is 3 days before my period is due. If I did a test 3 days early on the day of my lap would it be to early to detect if I was pregnant? Also I'm worried that even if the test comes back neg they may still decide not to operate just in case.

Has anyone been in this situation before?

Thanks for any replies x

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They test every lady for pregnancy when you first go in. Im sure that the test would probably pick it up! If not, try not to go for a wet before you go in as its best to test the urine that has been in the body for the longest (so usually overnight) im sure everything will work out fine! Wish you all the best, good luck!


Thank you, I first had it done 4 years ago and swore i would never go through it again. But hopefully if it means I can get pregnant then it will be worth it!


Maybe do a first response test the day before your surgery? They're supposed to be good at picking up pregnancy as early as 5 days before period is due now I think x


You really need to discuss this with the hospital. If you've abstained from sex for 3 weeks before the procedure, then a pregnancy test would definitely show up if you were pregnant. But it doesn't sound like you've been able to do that. Most tests would not give an accurate result 3 days before your period is due to start (even first response ones).

I think it's a really bad idea to go in for a lap at that stage of your cycle if you're ttc - They won't be able to tell whether you're PG or not but the anaesthetic would be really dangerous and mean you would probably miscarry if you were. Sorry, don't mean to scare you but we have been TTC for the last 2 and a half years and at this point you question everything - If I had had a lap prior to a period I would be thinking "what if that was the month that I had got pregnant" and that it hadn't stuck because of the surgery.

So definitely speak to the hospital and if it were me I would try to delay the surgery until after your period, or make it another month when you can abstain.


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