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Runny nose days before lap?!


Hey guys, so my lap is Friday and ofcourse I have a runny nose. No cold for over a year and a half and I get hit with blocked/runny nose literally days before.

I’m overdosing in vitamin c and taking paracetamol - at what point will they delay the op? Like when I start cough etc?

I’ve been waiting since July last year so I’m really hoping it settles

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Hey, I think you should be ok. My 4th lap was cancelled in August last year because I had a dry hacking cough due to endo on my diaphragm. I spoke to my surgeon about my symptoms before surgery as I often struggle around ovulation and period time with a cough, breathlessness and shoulder/chest pain, I thought it would be better to have the surgery when I'm not around ovulation/period but he said he didn't really matter either away and wouldnt effect the op.

I was quite surprised by this as my cough and chest pain is usually quite severe around those times. Well on the day, I was literally coughing every 5 seconds and had chest tightness and breathlessness too. My surgeon still wanted to go ahead but the anaesthesthist refused as he was concerned with my ability to breathe.

I think you would have to be struggling quite a bit before they cancel your op, but definitely be honest about your symptoms. I think it's quite common for people to have sniffles at this time of year so I'm sure they account for that. Try upping your garlic, b vitamins and maybe try taking some echinacea to give your immunity a boost. If you don't feel comfortable about having surgery right now then go with your gut, my op was rescheduled for 3 months later so it wasn't too long to wait. Wishing you the best of luck! Xx


I had my lap on Saturday and I had a bit of a runny nose. I still had the op.

You should be fine. Try not to stress as it could make your cold worse. Xx

I am a waiting list secretary in an nhs hospital. The advice to patients is that a head cold is ok, but if you have a productive cough (ie phlemgy) then the Anaesthetist may decide not to anaesthetise you on the day as it is not safe to give you anaesthetic. I would keep doing what you are doing and attend on Friday. Don’t let that space go!

Hi, my op back in December got cancelled because I had a sore throat, the anaesthetist wouldn't do it, she said because its elective surgery they wanted me fit and healthy!! I would still go on the day though and see what they say xx

I went on friday for lap an had a blocked nose they was still happy to proceed but ended up gettin cancelled anyway due to consultant.

I would defo go anyway an just be honest with them xx


I had an absolutely stonking cold that was mostly in my face but a little on my chest, but I didn't have a hacking cough so they still agreed to it! I was necking pineapple juice and steaming for 2 weeks solid before hand, I'm sure they'll be ok with it, good luck! x

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