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No periods (cerelle) versus depression/anxiety/mood swings/anger. Which would you choose?

Where do you start? Condensed version I'm 38 no kids & don't want any, my partner has had a vasectomy so kids are not an option. Symptoms started 2009, Lap in 2011 minimal endo found and had laser surgery. I've had 2 mirena coils since 2001. Since having the last mirena removed Sept 2013 I've had excruciating periods, pain and heavy bleeding every 19 days. I got a referral in April this year unfortunately the doctor really didn't give a sh*t, didn't even examine me said to go back on the mirena to which I refused as I was having endo symptoms and felt my hormones were all over the place, said I didn't want any hormones in my system & didn't need contraception. Then she said I should try the depo. Twice I asked if this was the pill and twice she lied and said no. I actually asked for a hysterectomy to which she refused. After careful consideration and a couple of discussions with the Family Panning Centre (I have to say the Doctors were fantastic, couldn't do enough for you and so kind and patient) I agreed to try Cerelle.

I've just finished the first packet. I started on the first day of my period and bled for my usual 5 days then spotted for a further 5/6 days. I haven't bled since which is fab, I am sleeping better and don't have restless leg. Night sweats have increase along with more hot flushes during the day. I do still get from time to time twinges where I originally had my endo pain. What's the problem? I hit the brick wall on day 12, depression (which I have suffered with on and off throughout my life), anxiety and the worst mood swings ever. I feel so angry. I cried off and on for the first week. All this even whilst taking citalopram for depression/anxiety.

I'm actually scared to stop taking the pill as my period will come back but not sure how long I can go on like this and don't know where to turn. Will the depression etc subside, do I have the strength to carry on talking them (I'm really not sure).

Reading your comments it seems like there is no answer and no hope. What a cruel disease, I constantly find myself asking WHY ME???

I am so lucky I have a caring supportive partner if not I'm not sure where I would be.

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have you considered having MEA (microwave endometrial ablation)

of thermal balloon ablation?

It only became available on the NHS in the past couple of years or so, but the essence of it is that the lining of the uterus is cooked (by various possible methods) and the result is that the lining of the uterus no longer grows and shed each month causing periods.

It is much less radical than having a hysterectomy and might just be what you need to stop having periods and also avoid the need to put hormones in your body and the impact of having a hysterectomy surgery too.

guidance.nice.org.uk/IPG7 has more information about the procedure.


As with all forms of menstrual controlling there are risks and side effects to consider too, and even with Cerelle, day 12 is still very early in the process and what happens this month may ease off as your body gets used to the new hormone regime.

They all need settling in time, regardless of what methods you use.

There may be some confusion about Depo-Provera and Provera.

They are the same drug.

Provera on its own is indeed a pill and not a very strong dose. It is enough for contraception but not great for what you need it for which is period stopping when you have endo.

Whereas Depo-Provera is the same stuff but injected in a much stronger dose which does stop your periods over time in the same way that mirena coil hormones operate by thinning the lining of the uterus to such an extent that it stops shedding each month.

The endometrial ablation is not a reversable option. it is only for women who have either completed their family or have no intention of baby making. Do look in to that because it could well be the answer to your prayers in terms of getting to grips with periods without the extra hormones or need for surgery. Provided you don't have an abnormal uterus shape, it is an option.

Unfortunately for me with a severe bicornuate uterus this wasn't something I could benefit from, but believe me I would have opted for it has things been normal shaped down below. As it is, i have a mirena installed in a surgery to one half of the uterus. and it will need a general to have it removed and replaced too. So I am stuck with it - and touch wood so far it has done an amazing job, my only complaint is that it does only last 5 years tops and I am now heading in to the 4th year.

I had a terrible time on zoladex and with the benefit of hindsight, that is certainly something I should not have had, and would rather have experienced the actual periods and tried to cope with them instead + pain killers, as i had been doing for years anyway.

That's just my own view. It wasn't a long term solution either, so mirena being so much better than GnRH drugs, I am more than happy with the mirena and will get another when this one has run out unless any other miracle methods appear on the horizon in the meantime.

Tricky dilemma for you to decide. I hope the Cerelle does calm things down soon for you, but if not then perhaps the MEA is the next thing to look in to.

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Hi Impatient

Thank you for your reply. .

Went back to the Family planning yesterday and explained how I was feeling. She said to take a week break from the pill to see if my depression etc lifted. She also said it could take 3 months for symptoms to calm down but I really can suffer like this for the next 2 months on the off chance. I really don't want to try the depo I know it works well for some but if I do experience side effects this will be in my system for 10? weeks and I can take that chance. I really don't want any hormones in my body and I am considering MEA although the doc said this wasn't an option if I had endo. I'm not sure if they would even do it as I am 38 with no kids. I would even pay privately for this if it was an option.

With regards to the mirena, I had 2 one after the other and had no problems with the first 1 but started developing endo symptoms during my 2nd. Also I was told that if your not using the mirena for contraception then there is no need to have it removed after 5 years.

I've heard zoladex mentioned several times but not sure what it is.

I will have a look at your link. thanks so much x


Hi Daba76,

I have been prescribed the mini pill to stop excessive bleeding that led to needing a transfusion and stopped taking them twice, I also have had depression but while taking these pills my depression is so much worse, grief not coping snappy even suicidal thoughts and crying almost constantly, I thought the same, heavy periods that almost killed me vs the pill that makes me feel sick depressed and suicidal, I also have the mirena coil, they said it would stop my bleeding but when I stop taking the pill it starts again, I have booked another appointment with my doctor I read the reply from Impatient, I seriously won't be considering that lol

I googled the pill name and depression, and found this page,

Although I feel so sorry for you, it is also a comfort to know it's not just me, it felt like I was going crazy, panic and anxiety attacks too, its so awful... Roll on menopause is all I can say, hope you are feeling ok now, all the best Emma


I just found this too, oh gosh, the coil makes you feel like that too, I did wonder because i feel like this since i have had the coil it is just much more when I take the pill too,

now im thinking of should I have it removed, :(

Should I have the mirena taken out 2 months in???

Lilykat197Lilykat197 9 months ago 4 Replies

Hi all would really appreciate your advice as I'm at a breaking point!!! Had the mirena put in whilst having a lap to remove endo on 7/4, my consultant recommended it to try and help prevent the endo growing back too quick. I have been a total mess since, quite a bit of pain on and off bleeding mood swings (mainly anger) and 7lbs weight gain in the past 8 weeks even though I am not eating any different.

I feel really low and don't know what to do, not seeing the consultant again till 28/7 but can't cope with feeling this way, I am so worried he will discharge me if I get it taken out but I feel so unhealthy with all the weight gain.

Sorry for the rant just don't know what to do.....

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9 months agoImpatient

before you decide to have it removed - what are your plans for after? How do you intend to try and stop periods if not for the mirena coil?

The reason I ask is, that it is only 20% of the hormone dose of BC pills, so if you feel that the reason for the post op pain, mood swings and weight gain are directly attributable to mirena rather than recovery from the surgery itself which will still be happening inside you, then that doesn't leave you with many alternatives for trying to reduce or stop periods as all the other options involve a stronger does of hormones.

If you really do think this is the mirena and you would prefer to take the combi- pill which does include oestrogen and take those packs back to back for 3 to 4 months at a time then have a period, so you reduce periods to 3-4 per year instead of 13 then of course that is up to you, but it would mean taking a pill every day and having periods.

Whereas if you cannot actually be certain that your symptoms are the mirena, having it removed may not alter your moods, weight or pains because they turn out to be part of the recovery from the op.

You are just bout half way through the mirena settling in time already. It is already actibg as a contraceptive anyway, but as the weeks go by, it reduces the lining of the womb and of endo and reduces bleeding gradually to the point where it stops, it also is the time where the cervix is building up a plug of cervical mucus goop round the mirena and strings to hold it in place.

I would advise you speak to your GP to arrange a scan in the 1st place to make sure the mirena has not slipped in to an awkward position. If it is in the correct location then it is unlikely to be mirena causing the pains rather it would be the healing process from the op.

with angry moods, this will be a conflict between your body's own hormones and the progesterone and once the mirena has stopped periods you may find that all mood fluctuations stop too. I don't get any PMT now at all, or ovulation pains either so I'm fairly sure from that the mirena has actually stopped me ovulating too. it doesn't stop ovulation in every case, but it can do in time. Ovulation was always painful for me, which I don't experience these days.

Because of the benefits being so good once mirena has stopped your periods, I am really in the camp of the hang in there, and give it a chance.

I know my post op pains didn't stop for 4 months too, so it is quite possible that the painful side of things you are experiencing may have nothing to do with mirena.

I did put on a bit of weight with mirena at 1st, but am so much more active after the periods stopped that I lost over 20lbs simply be being able to do so much more. I sure didn't alter my calorie intake to lose weight.

Also do mention to your GP about feeling low. This could be a sign of post op depression which is so very common. Your GP can assess you and you can discuss whether a course of anti-depressants is what you need to speed up your recovery from that.

It will certainly help your coping mechanism, because it shuts down your emotional reactions to things...that's anger, sadness, laughter, stress, fear etc all switched off. it is a strange feeling not having an emotional reaction but it makes you much better able to see things clearly and think things through rationally without having an emotional response to everything. That includes laughing at comedies on tv by the way. You kind of don't react emotionally to anything, but that would include angry outbursts that are aimed at other people too which can make your home life a lot more pleasant an environment.

For my money, I would certainly recommend you speak to the GP about getting mirena checked it is in the right location and also about depressive illness symptoms before deciding to have mirena removed.

Very Best of Luck for the coming weeks. I hope the mirena is the answer for you in the end. It can make such a huge difference to your quality of life for the better if you can bear to put up with the settling in time plus the recovery from the general op pains too, which will ease off gradually.

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9 months agoLilykat197

Thank you so much for your detailed reply impatient as always you certainly given me lots to think about, if I am being totally honest I never thought of what's next if I have it taken out, all I could focus on was the fact I feel so not like myself and the weight gain has also really got me down I never had issues with gaining weight before.

I did have a scan when I had my post op review a couple of weeks ago (have another app end of July) consultant was very happy he said the mirena is in a perfect position.

You see I have never been on any pills my only son is 20 and we always wanted more kids, obviously I didn't know then I had endo so just kept trying, have come to terms now with not having anymore I'm 41 so it's a bit late for me now. Anyway I think I am having these side effects because I was never on any birth control which obviously allowed my endo to become really bad, I am going to take your advice and speak to my Gp but like you said maybe I should just stick with it for a while longer at least.

Thank you x

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9 months agosanchia46

You could try taking cerezette it's a mini pill and stops your periods all together.

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9 months agoLilykat197

Thank you for the advice, I am seeing my Gp tomorrow so will mention that to him, he already said thought that he won't be taking the mirena out and that it's something I need to discuss with the consultant... Come to think of it not sure why I'm going to see him don't think he will be much use.

Thanks again xx

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