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STILL sore :((

Sorry in advance for the moan.... I had a lap nearly 6 weeks ago now to remove endo and many adhesions. It has been a much slower recovery than I was expecting and I only managed to start going back to work on a part time basis last week. I am finding it still painful to move about. Not excruciating but the kind of tightness/terderness/pain that really drags you down. I'm only taking the painkillers on and off as they tend to make me drowsy and nauseous so that prob isn't helping. I'm trying to stay positive about it but of course my mind goes into overdrive thinking that maybe the endo and adhesions have returned already as it feels no better at all to what it was like before the op. It is particularly uncomfortable driving which I have to do to get to work, esp if I hit a pothole or get some other sudden jolt and also still painful when I go to pee (endo was on my bladder). My poor dogs aren't getting very long walks as I can't walk very far without being sore and uncomfortable. Has anyone else still felt like this after 5/6 weeks? I though by now I wld feel alot better. I'm hoping it is still everything just healing but doesn't stop me worrying! Thanks xx

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Hi wisperengery, ive had 6 laposcope, 6th being yesterday. You've had a very intense operation, my recoverys have differed from op to op. How many laposcopes have you had? I normally cant go back to work till week 6-7 and that going back on pt time for 4-6 weeks. You got remember that even tho you might look ok on outside, inside you be swollen and bruised which takes longer to heal onside body then outside. You sound like doing really well but don't push yourself, you need listen to your body :) it sounds silly but it hard work recovering especially as you had very intense op on your bladder which is very delicate organ. I hope this makes sense as in drugged up Hun. Take care and remember listen to yourself/body what not others expect of you as where individuals and recovery is different for everyone :) xx


Thanks so much coffeemonster :) you had me in tears there!! Good tears tho. I just feel so alone with this sometimes, like it is never going to get better :( But you cheered me up, thank you :) I hope you are not feeling too rotten after your op yesterday. 6 laparoscopy's, wow that is alot :( . Do you find that you do get relieve from pain after you have healed? And is that usually at abt the 6/7 week mark for u or longer? This was just my 1st lap so it has all been very new and i haven't really known what to expect other than the advice I have received off this great forum. The docs didn't tell me anything abt what to expect after the op and I was too drugged up to think of what to ask! Maybe they don't know what to say as Like you say everyone is very different. Before the op they had said to expect a week (!!) to recover but then the op ended up being much more major than they thought it wld be. I am self-employed so had to get back to work as I live alone and can't do without the income. Other wise I wld have stayed off work at least 2-3 more weeks as I really do think it is all being very irritated with me moving about alot. Ah well, I am lucky in a way as I work in schools in Scotland so the summer holiday is at the end of this month, so if I can get get through to then then I can rest up a bit more. Thinking of you and hope you have a good recovery xx


Hi Whisperenergy,

It really does seem that everyone is different. The key word you mentioned was 'major' so keep that in mind especially as they were not expecting this. How long was your op? Apart from pain and discomfort the anaesthetic can knock you out in more ways than one and can take up to a year to get out of your system completely. I realise this was my issue a few years back. I was lucky enough to have no post op pain but I was wiped out for a long time after and found it difficult to walk far. Looking back I realise that I should have paid more attention to my diet and nutrition so maybe that's something you could look into.

Hope you start feeling better soon and that you manage to get some proper rest when term time ends. x


Thanks Brownlow, I think what I find hard as well is that people around me, family, friends and colleagues all expect me to be much better by now and back to my old self which I'm def not yet. They have all been sympathetic but think I'm going to just start telling them I feel fine and a lot better just so they stop asking me and don't think I am a big moan :-/ The op took abt two hours. I've been keeping to the endo diet for the last few weeks so hoping that will help in the long term. Hope you are keeping well and thanks again for the reply xx


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