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Worried about my first Zoladex injection

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I used to be terrified of needles when I was younger. I’ve gotten over that now. However, I’m worried about the zoladex injections as the needle is huge and I have barely any fat on my stomach for them to pinch. 😩

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Hi there you can have it in ypur leg if u have some fat on there also. Try not to worry about the injection. Look away.x

Take paracetamol beforehand and don't look. I'm skinny and they do manage to do it OK. You do get a little bruise but they swap sides each time. It's not nice but over super fast.

If you find you do struggle, a friend of mine got a skin numbing cream that they use with kids and rubbed that in an hour in advance, ask at a pharmacy whether a prescription is required or if it is just behind the counter stuff.

Hope it works for you xxx

Evening ..

I definitely agree with Starry - take the painkillers about 40 mins before having the injection and alternate the sides each time.

The doctors have done it before so should be good at it - don’t worry.


Hi, it's not too bad. Stings a little but over really quickly! X

Hiya please don’t worry I’ve just had my 3rd it looks a lot worse than it is, just shut your eyes through the whole process it is literally painful for 2 seconds. Xx

Try not to worry - I find it helps if you take a deep breath in and exhale as they’re doing the injection. As the others have said it only lasts a few seconds.

Hi my GP gives me a local anaesthetic beforehand. It’s another injection but it only stings for a couple of seconds then the area gets blissfully numb. I tend to get very sore in the injection site later on after the anaesthetic wears off, so at least I have a few hours pain-free.

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