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Is there anything more I can do ?


I'm currently waiting for a lap this will be my second one this year. My consultant is now currently off sick and meant to be returning middle of July, they say they had switched a few people around to other consultants depending on what needed doing. I'm not one of these. I have been off woke since beginning of march this is when I have first op, since then my gp has said I need to stay of due to the pain I am in and the pain relief I am on. I am not coping well at all I have pain everyday but just last week the pain got 10 times worse, the doctor gave me gabapentin to try and carry on taking tramadol and paracetamol. Still no improvement, so much so I was advised to go to A&E on Monday, I went and they really did nothing, checked me over to make sure didn't have an infection then just said nothing they can do till the operation and sent me on my way. I really don't know what to do I feel like know one is listening to me, since Monday the pain has got worse, today for most of the morning I haven't been able to move out of bed Due to the pain, I had to ring my partner I was so scared of what was happening.

I am so scared in what to do, no one cares how much pain I am in and the tablets aren't helping. All they keep saying is wait till the op, they don't understand that I really can't! I just don't see how I will get to making it to then.

Anybody have any advice?

They already say I have endo and think I have it on my bowel. So next step is to remove it if possible.

Sorry for such a long post just se so lost. I would love to be able to go private but the money just isn't available even more so with my work not paying sick pay. Struggling so much

Thank you x

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In your situation I would phone the hospitals PAL's service. Explain to them whats going on and tell them how much pain you are in.

Another option would be to contact the consultants secretary and explain to her that you are of work due to the pain and you are unable to manage your pain, even with strong pain medications.

I would keep phoning them until something is done.

Best of luck


Do you know why you were not one of the ones to get referred to a different consultant?

Cuddlybarb's given you good advice.

About your work not giving you sick pay. I wonder if this is helpful:

If you cannot get SSP, for example, because you do not earn enough or if you have been off sick for more than 28 weeks, your employer will give you form SSP1 and tell you why. You can use form SSP1 to claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) from your local Jobcentre Plus office if you are not entitled to either SSP or contractual sick pay. In Northern Ireland, contact your local Jobs and Benefits office or Social Security office.

It's from: - there's some useful advice on there.

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