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What could the pain be? I have no idea what to do next:(

So long story (as most of us have!!), but basically I had a Lap last Sept by a basic Gyne, removed Endo off US Ligs and POD. Ever since then I've been in way more pain than before, all day everyday, different pain. Tried lots of meds,( including Nortriplyline/Amtrip. for nerve pain) didnt work, so went back in for Lap 5 weeks ago. They found more Endo in the same/diff places, a little fibroid, puckered peritoneum (????) and huge Ovaries- PCO (which I knew about anyway!) So either the first surgeon missed stuff or it grew back quite quickly. So everything is now looking fine and healthy in there!

So I was so excited thinking finally I would be out of pain, and I know I have to give it time after the surgery. But so far the pain is exactly the same as before. But all the Endo has gone so it cant be that (it was a good surgeon this time) Im on medicine for IBS. What could the pain be? Nerve pain? My huge Ovaries??!! Something else? The specialist mention Peripheral Neuropathy at one point a few months ago but its never been followed up. Im not really sure what it is anyway!

But we are also TTC now, I have Provera/Clomid to start, but im scared as im in so much pain still and would be worried these drugs and carrying a baby would just make it even worse. Im actually finding it a little hard to cope with now:( Been putting on a brave face and carrying on for ages now and I have kinda got to the end of my tether!!! Its taken my life away ( I know others must be in worse situations that me, so i feel bad for moaning about it)

I cant go on any "nerve" pain meds as its dangerous if you are trying for a baby. Its like now im trying for a baby that that is the main focus, and the pain thing as just been left.

So ive just been left with these fertility drugs to take and thats it. Pain killers don't even touch the pain:( Plus I dont really want to be taking all these drugs whilst TTC

I just dont know what to do next. Im doing all the diet thing, chinese medicine, acupuncture, exercise, just trying natural things. So far nothing is helping. I guess its hard when you dont know whats causing the pain. Im starting to feel like Im crazy, like its all in my head, but I know im feeling pain

Im so sorry for a long post, I hope everyone else is ok and having a pain free day xx xx


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