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Hi everyone

I have to travel to America on Wednesday for work, my period was due on Thursday and hasn't come. If it happens in the next 2 days I simply wont be able to get on the plane!

Has any ever taken Utovlan to delay period the day before or day of? I know your supposed to take it three days before but I don't know when its planning on showing up at the minute! Help :(

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it is called Norethisterone in the UK if you use the search box on the green bar at the top of the page.

It does work, provided you start taking it early enough and religiously stick to taking it same set times each day, which given that you are going to be flying to a different time zone it is worth bearing that in mind and having a medication timer on you to remind you when to take the next dose.

Skip a dose or get an upset tummy and lose a dose and 2 days later your period could start, it really is a drug with not much room for making a mistake and forgetting to take it.

I you are ill (sick or the runs) then better to top up with a tablet rather than risk losing a dose and waiting to the next scheduled one.

If you are not already on the tablets then you may have left things a bit late, my understanding is that it is best to start just after ovulation and not less than 5 days before the period, but it is worth trying because you don't at this point have any other options.

Very Best of Luck...and ask your doctor for more of the drug just in case you need to use it again to delay a period. it is very useful for times you have big events in life, or exams or training courses etc.

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