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Whats going on with me???

hello community. Im just joining and im really looking for nice people to give me some advice/comments. Well starting 5/21/14 I started seeing very light blood. I have been bleeding now for nine days off and on, 3 of those days I saw absolutely NOTHING.A week before this occurred I noticed my boobs were very sore, so of course I assumed my period was coming. Well, when I saw the light blood I just knew I was about to come on. Today, 5/29 its still off and on. Yesterday I finally see a nice little streak of almost mucous like reddish/pinkish blood. I saw no more of that blood, but about an hour later of not seeing anything, I saw reddish/brownish blood on a piece of tissue I put down there. Also when this started last week I noticed I was pissing like a race horse, sleeping like a cat, and eating like there was no tomorrow. I mean I never got full lol! I've never experienced any cramping during this time just slight discomforts, or light cramping if you will. It has now been about 3 weeks from when I noticed my boobs were sore and now my nipples are more sensitive than ever. I experienced this with my first pregnancy which resulted in a molar pregnancy, and the implantation bleeding then was occurring every OTHER day. This week im noticing a slight appetite change, I get hungry then don't want it anymore(good foods too), kind of emotional, still pretty sleepy alot.. I really need help I really don't believe im pregnant but I just need some type of advice before seeing my doctor tomorrow. .Thanks alot :)

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Hey did you go and see your doctor today? Are you any better x


no not yet. ive talked to one to get an idea to about what might be going on...she suggested I take a pregnancy test...


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