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Hi I'm new, wondered if anyone could let me no there experience with the mirena coil, I've tried everything for endo and I'm in so much pain

I've suffered with endo for over 20yrs. The microgynon pill worked really well for me but after having a dvt I had that stopped ice tried every painkiller, mini pill etc but my gp had advised the mirena coil and would just like to see if anyone else has any experience they could share with me

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Hi I had the mirena coil fitted a year ago and it has done nothing for me.


Great for the heavy bleeding, but the mirena didn't help with the pain.

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I'm on my second coil. My first was fitted for PCOS but then my endo symptoms crept up as the hormone level lowered.

I have found that mine has helped with the pain a little eg making it more cyclical as previously it was intensely bad all the time.

Now I have a period every other month and my worst pain is during ovulation and menstruation. Even so I now at least feel like I have some more control over things despite this.

It's worth giving it a go as everyone is different just be aware that it can take 6 months-a year for your body to adjust to it at first and after that you may have to have it changed earlier than the recommended 5 years due to the the hormone levels dropping in it.

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I have the mirena coil fixed after 8 weeks my baby was born. I had realy heavy and periods before. From when I have the coil I feel very well. I don't have any disconfort and the periods are non-existent.

For me worked very well, I think it will work for you as well. I have to tell you that in the first 6-8 weeks it is possible to have easy bleedings or just spots.

For more informations you should ask your GP as well.

Take care


It didn't work for me I've tried it twice. However everyone is different & I know some people it has been amazing. Try it everything is worth a go it can always be removed x


Hi I had been on Provera for 5 years and then had the coil fitted 4.5 years ago. They have been the best quality years in my adult life so far. It really worked well for me. The mood swings were still there to manage but I found that easy to deal with than the pain. I agree with the other comments here that everyone is unique so our solutions will be unique too, but for me this is something I have found made a huge difference.


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