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Fed up with gynaecologists

Having seen a dozen or so gynaecologists in the 12 years since diagnosis, each one has proved to be even more useless than the last. I have no trust whatsoever in the entire profession and as such would like to have a hysterectomy done by a surgeon, or frankly any one who is not a gynaecologist. Does anyone have any experience of this?

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I totally agree with you on gynaecologists. I have found them all pretty much useless with their efforts to try and tackle this disease. X


I agree with you but I have somehow managed to find 2 exceptions (one is a GP actually)! Have been going to Dr's since 14yo and heard all the usual BS, at one point I had a full on argument with a GP as they told me I had an STI and was clearly lying to myself about my partners 'infidelity'!!! (Just to add..I had a full check up at GUM clinic only a month previous...SHE just didn't want to listen) Anyway....went to see new GP and half heartedly informed him of my new symptom (extreme pain with orgasm to the point of passing out/throwing up) and to my surprise he actually cared!! Didn't even want to do an internal, but promptly referred me to gyn! I could have kissed him!

However....my issues didn't end there. Foolishly thought I would be taken more seriously by consultant, alas no. Was told that there was nothing wrong with me and to try a different sexual position. So I cried. Right there in the office. A little embarrassing to say the least but just couldn't believe it! Anyways...awesome GP re-referred me and seen a diff consultant who so far has been very good. I am currently on waiting list for diagnostic lap and I swear...if I am diagnosed with endo (good consultant says he is 80% sure) then I am heading straight to the old buggers office to give him a piece of my mind!!!

Sorry...rant over :)

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