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Why am I hurting?? :-(

I had 3 months of prostap before my lap and a coil fitted during my lap. I think the prostap is wearing off now but why hasn't my coil kicked in because WOW I'm in pain!!! Seriously bad period pains that aren't responding to pain killers!!! My last coil stopped my pain for 5 years, why am I in agony now!!! I'm meant to be going back to work Wednesday after being off since since Feb but now my pains back. I'm hurting so badly :-(

Anyone got any ideas why this has happened?? Also since my lap iv had a never ending uti that won't respond to antibiotics, not helping my pain situation!!!

Help :-(

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I had small op in April they did a scan took biopsy , did a DNC and fitted coil (first one ) was in a lot of pain after . 2 weeks after had my first period not heavy but continues turned into infection . had antibiotics pain bleeding stopped within week . then the following week when on holiday all started again but this time I could not move ended up in Greek doctors/ hospital . they were brill within 2 hours and blood test and results . internal exam OMG could have killed someone scan both ways . coil in correct position but I have a cyst on left ovary which is causing all my pain very common so now on to lots of antibiotics and pain killers . he said if I was no better to go in 2 days after and they would take it out . I am allot better now that was last we going home Thursday but have booked appointment to see my doctor . really feed up supposed to make my life better . but feel like crap nearly rewend our fist family holiday with are adopted son .:(

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Oh no!!! I hope there are still good memories of your first holiday as a family!! Iv had a few trips to Greek hospitals, if you can avoid an op I would because they will do anything to claim more insurence!!! It's been a while since my op now and I haven't had pain since, this is the first time and it's really getting to me!!! I think it's ovulation pain but normally that doesn't hurt me as much as coming on so I really hope when I do come on it's not going to be worse then this!!! X x x


Hi Guys

I just had my first coil fitted 4 weeks ago and it has been giving me horrible pains in my right side lower abdo aswell as period like cramps. Taking Dihydrocodeine 60mg twice daily but it is only just taking the edge off. I am reluctant to take stronger as I am determined to stay at my work because it keeps me sane! I have also had horrendous pain having internal exams. A scan showed coil is in correct position. The doc said my left ovary is larger than my right but was completely unconcerned by it and gave me no explanation, she also was unconcerned by my pain levels. Got my own GP in 2 weeks for my 6 week check up hoping she can give me some idea of whats happening or even a timescale as I really am hoping it will settle and want to give it a chance but pain like this wears you down. Hope we all get some answers or relief soon. Keep me updated.



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