Endometriosis UK


Hi everyone im due to have my diagnostic lap on 9th june. I have polycystic ovaries and suspected endo. Im so nervous about it! I was due yo have a lap in october however fell pregnant, cancelled the op then miscarried a week later. I came on yesterday which thankfullu means history wont repeat itself like last time but im so worried about the outcome ie will they find anything or more importantly wont they! Is this normal haha or my precisely am i normal for feeling this way? I just wish i knew whether i will get some respite from this life destroying pain and will i stop feeling so tired, i hope that maybe someone would share their lap story with me and maybe they felt the same way i do now? I would be so greatful, my family are great but i dont feel they fully understand how im feeling right now. Thankyou for reading ladies and hope to hear from you soon xxxxxxx


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