Hiya, just a quick question about exercise, someone had suggested I should go out for walks as exercise would help the pain, I did so, not

A rigorous stroll more a gentle wander, the next day I was I'm excruciating pain, and overcome with tiredness like never before, I don't know if I was having a bad day or that exercise isn't a good idea? If any one has any suggestions I'd be grateful!

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I like to go for a daily walk as it makes me feel better. I find sitting around does me no good.

Hello :) I go to the gym usually and although it's knackering as painful I have found that since I have taken a few months off from the gym I am in much more pain then I was before. I hate excercise but it does seem to help me a lot. I'm going to start going back next week to swim and lift gentle weights and get some of my strength back :)

I try and walk the dog, bit can't manage it every day! I feel so drained and can't do much else after!

Maybe start off with only very short daily walks of 10 minutes and work your way up from that. That's what I did. I did manage an hour long walk the past couple of days. If I do too much I can end up in pain later or a day after. Getting outdoors even for a short stroll is better than nothing.

I go out dancing whenver I can (salsa, swing jive, ballroom). If I'm in a little pain before I go, the exercise seems to help, but if I'm in lots of pain I just call it off. I also find it makes me really happy if I do go, so I can cope with most things then!

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