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Do heat pads help?

Hi girlies,

Hope your all well and as pain free as possible!!

Well iv come to the end of my injections and the pain is coming back thick and fast :( as i work in an office and sit at a desk all day i find it hard to get comfatable with the pain so was wondering if heat pads will help, if any one knows off any large ones that will last all day and if theres anything else that will help whilst in work.

Thanks guys xxx

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Hi Katrina

I use heat pads every month and I do think they work. I think they help with the amount of pain and also cut down the amount of days I'm in pain. I get the pads in most supermarkets and they last for 12 hours so will cover your office hours hopefully. I recently bought a pack of 2 pads in Asda for £1 just thought I'd give them a go and they worked just as well as other leading brands that cost double or treble the amount. I hope they work for you. Xx

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Heat patches saved my life, the reduce the pain, especially lower back pain. I work in the office and I always have one stuck on me! I also have a heat pad that you can microwave me and I hold it on my lap while working...nice relief! :) x


sorry about the mistakes!!! x


Hot Water Bottles are soothing too but difficult to take out with you.


i've never tried these heat pads you are talking about, when i'm having bad days i have my hot water bottle constantly on my belly or my back - so are they like stick on and one use? sorry if i sound dim lol but it sounds good what you're talking about xx



Heat patches are one use (many brands in pharmacies and supermarkets, like Cura-heat and Deep heat), you stick them e.g. on you lower back and it gives you great relief from the heat all day. Its good when you are on the go.

I have also a heat pad, that is like a packet with blue gelly inside its from Nexcare and you can put it in the microwave for 1 minute and it is like a hot water bottle! Great for work again as I leave it on my lap when sitting in my office job. I actually have 2, one I leave it in the office and one at home, as I sleep with it every night!!! xx


Yes! £1 shop for two aswell, work e Exactly the same as expensive ones.

I also use a tens machine but to use it for more than 20 minutes a day as described.

Hot water bottles a very good too but do end up going cold at night. Heat patches a good when you have to go to work too as are quite smooth.

I take extra calcium, vitamin d, Multivitamins, iron;

Evening Primrose oil I would say having taken this for at least three years it really does help with the moods & feeling sad.

Northisterone. Menefemic acid & cocodomol 30/500mg is what i take every day.

Ive seen afew gunae consultants at my local hospitals- warrington And Halton.

It took seven years to diagnose me with endo and in which time i was very ill as you can imagine.

I've had Zoledex and a variety of other hormone pill Such as the coil, the implant, the patches ,the injections.

Zoledex to me the worst drug ever not only did have menopausal symptoms had to take HRT and still bled. That's my personal experience everyone is different!

I'm now waiting to see an endo specialist in endo specialist clinic; Me and my husband looked into Private help however the Private clinics will run by the same NHS consultants that had taken seven years to diagnose!!!

My advice to you is stick with what works for you- everyone is different. Some things will work for one but not another.

Good luck!


I don't find the adhesive ones work too well as I don't find that they get hot enough. I do swear by my electric heat pad though - you could use this discreetly at your desk, it's not heavy like a hwb and you don't have to reheat it.

Beurer make some good ones - there are a few which have Velcro straps so you can strap it around yourself, and the cable can be unplugged from it so you don't have to take it off every time you get up.

Take care



I'm an artist and do a lot of large work so stick on heat pads work wonders for me, just don't ever stick them to your skin. I made that mistake only once lol. I also use an electric heat pad on an extension lead so I'm free to move about when painting. I do look a bit silly being plugged in and covered in heat patches but it's amazing how many people just ignore them :)


There are heat patches designed specifically for use directly on skin. Duraheat and Deep heat do them, they work well and my skin was just fine after use. You should check them ;) x


Any kind of heat helps me loads. I'm so so glad for it! Hot baths, hot water bottles, head pads, wheat bags. Only other thing I have for pain relief is a TENs Machine. I've got a mini one and a bigger one, well worth a look if you're looking into pain relief options.

Many hugs, xxx


Bean bag heat bags are brilliant to put in the microwave, very mouldable to awkard areas. I have five surounding my back, hips and pelvis on bad days! Have just brought some with velcro straps from sainsburys so i can walk around the house one strapped to front and one to back of me! I also swear by my tens machine! Xxx


Totally agree with these comments I have the microwave ones at work as quite discreet I normally end up using most days

Recal a lady in the uk an Endo sufferer herself who made the microwave ones, had one a few years ago it was amazing!! If I can find her details and am allowed to post here I will


Hi girls, I new here was only diagnosed in November. I also use all the heat pads you've mentioned but never a tens machine. My hubby mentioned it the other day and i dismissed it but it sounds like he had a good idea. X


I use heating pads, and although they don't take the pain away they make it bearable, and reduce discomfort. I used them on both my front and lower back (not at the same time) as I get really bad backaches. I buy mine from either Asda or poundland, (2 in one packet and they WORK). The microwave ones sound really handy, I shall look for some :).


I use morissons heat patches 3 f £1.30 they get hotter than the leading brands I think. These ones you stick on the outside of ur clothes so I just put a vest on but they are a god send.


Hi I recently bought an electric heat pad for my daughter which she uses all the time for pain , it is approx 2 ft by 1 ft and turns off automatically after a certain amount of time. If this is not suitable for work the heat pads work quite well too but my daughter has noticed she has some marks on her tummy from constant use, the heat seems to work as well as anything else we have tried, I found a site last night which recommends using a homeopathic remedy on the pad but can't find it now !! Will repost if find it again take cared


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