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More hopeful after changing specialist

Feeling good after my appointment in Hull at the specialist endo centre. Diagnosed myself 18 months ago with help on endometriosis uk and first gp no good so changed surgeries then was put on waiting list for 7 months for my first lap foubd out I had severe endo but they couldn't remove it so was put on zoladex for 6 months to shrink it then suggested more surgery. Follow up appt 5 months later said as responding well to zoladex I wont need another lap and was discharged. 2 months later period returned and pain is back. I have moved house due to my job and a different pct and am now at a specialist centre and told by the surgeon and not one of the many assistants that I will be having another lap and he xan remove it all. I am so relieved think it was out of my previous pct territory and they just left me to it and now I might have a chance to get this sorted and try for a family.

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That's fab news. Hope all goes to plan. the fact that the zoladex was effective at relieving pain is very hopeful for a great outcome with proper excision of the existing endo. And don't forget to take steps for afterwards to reduce or stop periods and reduce the chances of it returning.

Mirena Coil is excellent for that in the longer term and is best inserted with general anaesthetic, so should be something you discuss with new surgeon, and hopefully get done at the same time as this new op.

Very Best of Luck.


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