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How long was the recovery time from laparoscopy and having it quartized/treated at the same time

Hi, have recently been diagnosed with moderate endo, only been recovering for 2 weeks but I am starting to feel very emotional/down, I dont know if it's due to the pill they have put me on?! I can't seem to stop crying and keep getting cold/hot sweats. I am not feeling myself, im just worried that I could be an early sign of depression, as I had had several times in the past. If anyone experienced this please comment, many thanks xx

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Hi leesprincess2013 -- I have never experienced clinical depression, but I have experienced severe mood swings and crying all the time as a result of different pills they put me on. I have tried so many different pill packs over the years due to all of my symptoms, and some certainly made me more emotional than others. Like, I would cry at the drop of a hat on certain ones, and it was frustrating and annoying. I would suggest talking to your doctor about your current pill, and see if he/she can't put you on a different one that works better with your hormones.


Hi aplawson1, thanks for advice, I saw my doctor today and because I'm only two weeks in they don't want me to change it yet I have to give another 4 weeks, they said hopefully it will settle and I am crossing my fingers on that, I'm worried about going out as I could start crying for no reason.


Any surgery can lead to post op depression - it is very common to get within 6 months of a surgery. Thought to be the result of the general anaesthetic whn it comeson quickly after an op, like in your case, but more from anxiety if it comes on later.

It may lift in a weak or two or you may feel that you are falling deeper in to depression - in which case please visit your GP. A short course of anti-depressants should help you cope and recover a lot quicker than riding it out.

If you have used them before - then stick with the one you found most suitable for your body rather than trying anything new.

Also whatever drug they have put you on - check the patient information leaflet online and see if depression is a side effect of that and check for hot flushes too.

The fact you have hot and cold sweats could indicate you have picked up an infection either in a lap hole or one of the wound sites inside you, so please get that checked with your GP asap.

If you can get back to us with the name of the pill they have given you we can give you better advice on what it can do to you. Some drugs certainly can do both - give you hot flushes/cold chills and depression.

But being aware of and getting checked for infections is an essential first step. If you do have an infection you want to get battling it urgently and I mean URGENTLY. try and see your GP tomorrow, the depression aspect you can discuss with him at the same time - but the priority is to make sure you haven't caught an infection and if you have then to get treatment for it immediately. I your GP cannot see you tomorrow then call the gynae ward where you had you op, the phone number will be on the hospital discharge letter. Explain to them that you have having fever symptoms and you want to be checked out for post op infection.

it is quite separate to the depression side of things and don't be too surprised if you do get post op depression, so many of us do. And get help for that if you feel you need to - you can try an go it alone, but quite honestly if you have had anti-depressants before and they have pulled you back to a state where you cope better then it's worth considering getting them again to help you out. Don't think for a second you are experiencing anything abnormal by being tearful and despairing, post op depression is real and so common, but how badly it affects you does depend on the individual person.

If it is something on the side effects of the medication then your doc will review the meds, but if that isn't it then put it down to the operation and don't let it take over your life before doing something about it.

If you use the search box on the green bar at the top of the page and type in depression - or post-op depression, you'll see so many mentions of it and what other ladies have done about it too.


Hi I was exactly the same. I think it can be a combination of tablets and going through the surgery. The first time my recovery took 1month and I was crying at little things, like looking at the Hoover and not being able to tidy up lol. The second time everyone was more supportive and I was up and about 2 weeks. I think that was due to less stress and more support to stop me feeling down. I still do burst out for no reason. I think it still tablets and dealing with pain all day is draining. Just keep reminding yourself everyone is different, could just take your body longer than others. Do things you enjoy while your off, I found that really not focusing on anything and watching something on tv I enjoied helped distract me a few days during recovery. A really good doctor also told me to write down why I was crying/frustrated and what I was thinking and come back to it later, and see if it made sense. That helped with depression I found. Hope that helps.

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Thanks for everyone's response, it's been really helpful to speak to people that has been through, as doctors can only do so much and advice you, but they don't really understand fully, I think the fact that we don't know what the future in tails fully with this condition seems to be my worry/anxiety. I am also due to be getting married in July so in a way this couldn't come at a worse time but I am glad that it's has been resolved and we can try and move on. The hospital went me home with microgynon 30.


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