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Fed up :-(

Hi everyone,

So went back to work today have been off for two weeks, HR have advised my TL that they are very concerned over my sickness record. Unfortunately I have had to take time off due to depression, rheumatoid arthritis over the last two years.

They have referred me to occ health.

TL has said she will do all she can, but I think HR are looking for a way to get rid of me :-( so now I'm worrying about that.

I'm seeing my consultant next week so I do have appointments due to the increased pain.

Fed up, I'm sure you feel the same that it feels like we have to keep fighting to prove we are in pain. :-(

Useless bloody body! :-(

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Occ health are there to help. They have refer you to

a) cover themselves that your not been put at risk

B) they are not doctors so no nothing about people's condition

I'm in the same position and was glad when occ Health got involved cos they are taking it seriously.

Do you have hr?

Also stick to sickness policy? (Ringing in daily, taking in sick notes)

Tell them your concerned as want keep your job and can't help that you're ill.


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Hi - I had a quick look through your posts and it seems you have had 2 laps, one some years ago and one last year. You had endo on the left uterosacral ligament that it seems was left alone and you have since been given medications. It sounds very likely that your endo is not being treated properly. There is a good possibility that you have had deep endo missed and need seeing by a specialist centre. Click on my name and have a look at my post on how to find one.

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Thank you ladies for replying.

That's really interesting, I have a consultant appt Wednesday.

On my last lap I was given a coil. But the pain is getting worse.

I looked at your page Lindle, I have other immune problems thyroid & rheumatoid arthritis, I'm sure this is all connected.

That's good to know about occ health. We do have HR & they have requested the occ health referral as they are very concerned about my sickness.

Lou xx


Let us know how you get on hun xxx



Occ Health have done a report so say I suffer with two chronic conditions & my sickness absence is likely to be higher.

Just waiting to hear how HR want to deal with it now.

I also saw the consultant a few weeks ago & he has suggested another Lap & he will remove the endo this time. But there is a 3 to 6 month wait.

It's hard going to work some days,no just want to lie on the sofa with my hot water bottle.

Hugs to you all

Lou xxx


Hi hun, did occasion health say it's a disability? If so they can't do nothing under the disabled equality act.

I know how your feeling I'm off sick again due to feeling super weak and ovary pain and my op is in Aug! ! Bloody August eghhhh


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