Mixed emotions

Morning all

Today I have my diagnostic lap (1st one ever). I go in at 12.30, but I am no good at waiting, would much rather it have been first thing, but hay ho. Not sure how I feel about it, need it doing as been in pain majority of my life but what happens if they don't find anything? What do I do then? I think I am just scared about all the what if's. Right need to get ready, sorry if this made no sense think I just needed to let it out. Hope everyone has as much of a pain free day as possible :/

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  • Fingers cross, hope it goes well, and plenty of rest after, post if you need anything, that's why everyone is on this sight xxxx

  • Thank you for the support xx

  • Good luck, it's scary when you don't know what they will find. My first lap showed adhesions and minor endo, just had my second lap last week and was convinced I was going mad as had 2 years of hell but this time they found severe endo everywhere. The best thing is knowing what's causing the pain - then they can treat it and you can be prepared for the future. I hope everything goes well for you today x

  • Everything went well thank you, they didn't find anything :/

  • Hope it went well xxx

  • It went well, thy didn't find anything so not sure what to do now :/

  • Hi Boo73, Have you asked about the possibility of Adenomyosis? My surgeon could see that my uterus was globular and bulky during my lap which are the signs ( I have that and stage 4 Endo) but some people need to have an MRI scan for it to be seen and diagnosed. Adenomyosis would cause you pain. If it proves not to be Adenomyosis, keep pushing for a reason for your pain. Have you been checked out for Pelvic Inflammatory disease, Polycystic ovaries or other ovarian problems? Was it an Endo specialist that did your lap? It has been said on this forum that some surgeons 'miss' Endo or Adenomyosis if they do not specialise in it.

    Good luck.


  • Hi, he was not a specialist but he said everything looked healthy down there. Going to wait for him to write to my doctor then going to see what she suggests. I am not going to give up as its affecting my life and my family's and I've had enough. xx

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