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Cervical problem?

Just wondering, is it normal for your cervix to pop forwards during urination so its right near the opening of your vagina? Mine keeps "popping" forward so its like half a cm away from my vaginal opening and its becoming a problem as sometimes I can't urinate properly unless I move it. Has anyone had this before and if so, what is it? If it is abnormal should I mention it to my dr?

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It's not normal - it's probably a uterus prolapse stage 1

Please speak to your GP first and they will refer you to a specialist.

A prolapse occurs when the ligaments that hold up the uterus are over stretchy or overstretched in pregnancy. They don't ping back like elastic, they remain stretched and no longer doing their job, but a bladder filling up would elevate the uterus somewhat higher only for it to come back down as soon as the bladder is emptied.

The uterus shouldn't have that degree of fexibility. You can have surgery to pull those uterus ligaments tighter up holding the uterus in place so this falling down doesn't happen every loo trip.



Thank you. I'm only 20, I've not had kids, not been pregnant, nothing except stage 1 endometriosis and some cervical cysts. Also when I coughed during my pelvic exam to see what my bits did they said everything was normal and okay, so I'm worried they'll look at me again and go yeah you're fine now sod off. Its the top of my cervix that pushes forwards the most, its kinda like its laying almost diagonally? Do you think they'll consider me for surgery or just tell me to do pelvic floor exercises? Its only when I urinate it comes forward which I find weird.


Please ask your GP to refer you to a gynaecologist or a urologist. Perhapps a urologist is the 1st port of call because it is actually your peeing that is being impaired by this.

Let them assess you - then if needs be refer you to the gynaecology team to have it dealt with by them.

And as with endo - if your GP is not taking this seriously then switch GP or move to a different surgery until you find one that will help you Best of Luck.

You shouldn't have to keep shifting it out the way to have a pee - it's not hygenic and not acceptable to have to live like that when something can be done about it.

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Thank you ever so much for being so helpful :) I saw my GP, who has referred me to the gynae (again) for some investigation so I'm now waiting for a letter. If I do have a prolapse what is the treatment for a stage 1? Looking on the NHS website they say about pelvic floor exercises, only I tried pelvic floor exercises pre endo diagnosis just in case it stopped my endo pains and it didn't help the cervix trouble. I assume they only offer people surgery if the prolapse is severe?


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