IBS problem

hi asking a question, when you get bad stomach cramps and ended up with bad diarrhoea, do you get like pains afterwards like having a headache, fatigue, joint pains, etc?? as i keep having those a few times... i know that stressed, anxiety and depression caused the cramps?? i know for a fact it cant be related to food interolence but i know it does but i am really curious about it... it driving me nuts... appreciated your feedback.. thanks and hope you are all painfree..

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  • Hi hun

    I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering with Stomach issues. I also suffer with problems digesting food, I get crampy, feel nauseated and it generally makes me feel like crap.

    I read this article last night, I thought you may like to read it.

    Is your STOMACH the main reason you're so stressed? dailymail.co.uk/health/arti... @MailOnline

    Hope this helps

    Jo xx

  • hi

    sorry to hear about yours too.. i once been sick last year as i was that stressed with work... still am and no motivation too as i cant be arsed to work... i get tired easily as well...

    thank you for that link and that is interesting to read...

    thanks again


  • Aw hun.

    I think being stresses causes a multitude of problems but we don't always realise that they are connect.

    I have had to give up work after being off for a year due to endo and Adenomyosis and this bowel rubbish causing me no end of trouble and causing so much pain.

    I'm constantly exhausted all the time sometimes I feel even walking up the stairs hard!

    I hope that this improves for you soon hun xx

  • aww bless you and sorry to hear that you have all those and i have endo and IBS and still working wishing i wasnt though...

    i expect you feel exhausted all the time all that things you have..

    sometimes i rather be at work than being at home to keep me occupied and forget things but sometimes it doesnt work... but hey never mind...

    i need a break from work as the last holiday i had was February for a week...

    i am hoping to feel better as i have anxiety which making feel so mad and my blood boils.. right now i am awfully tired as got up at 5.15 am this morning... like to go to sleep now hehe...

    anyway hope you feel better soon xxx

    Cle x

  • Yes it is really tiring, all I want to do is sleep lol, but that doesn't happen as I have 3 kids I have to look after, though on bad days I will nap when they are at school.

    Yes i know what you mean I try and keep myself as bust as possible in the house during the day in the hope that I will sleep better at night.

    Yes sounds like you could do with a rest hun. Was that pain that woke you up that early in the morning xx

  • gosh 3 kids eh?? aww adorable and how old are they? sorry for asking... i have no kids... well i certainly dont blame you for having a nap when they are at school...

    yes i agree with you to keep busy in the day and sleep well in the night which i do... sleep long hours mostly at weekends...

    i got up early that what time i get up for work and i thought might as well get up early this morning as went to bed after 9 ish last night... i only have pain in the mornings when i get up if i am stressed, have anxiety or depressed then my abdominal pains in a nightmare as i sweat a lot that when i get the pains and feeling hot in the mornings and once it over i got really freezing cold afterwards... then ended up with different pains like joins pains, go really tired (fatigue) or headache or something else once i had an infection after that before and that was awful... it was very weird to have that...

    everyone at work keep telling me to rest as i want to be careful with my holiday entitlements.. as booked a week in October and November already as got planned but i am not sure to have it this month or next month or August... or maybe work straight through to October... go maybe go off sick for the week which i love to do... hehe... am i that naughty?? xx


  • Yes 3 of them lol and they are all close together, 12 , 10 and 9. The eldest 2 are boys and the youngest is my daughter who is 9 going on 19.

    I do if I'm really not feeling good I feel like I have to nap.

    Oh hun that's early to be up, I'm up at 6 to get my son ready to go off to school he gets taxied as he goes to a specialist school.

    Oh that's isn't good I find that stress makes my tummy problems Worse.

    I seem to pick up any illness that is going around I think it's because endo makes a immune system weak.

    Yeah why not be naughty and some time off sick xx

  • gosh they are close ages.. bless yes stressed always make the abdo badly...

    aww bless your son to go to special school.. hope the school help him good...

    yes i might do that go off sick and save my holidays hehe....

    hope you are ok there? x

  • Yes they are close lol got them all close together which worked well because they are so close.

    Yes he has a neurological problem. He has trouble with his fine motor skills and struggles with school work, but the school he is at now is amazing he's doing really well. He's a very loving boy.

    Yeah everyone is entitled to a few sick days xx

  • aww bless that is so lovely.. well he sounds remarkable boy... fabulous..

    yeah i think so everyone entitled to a few sick days... xx

  • Yes he is wouldn't change him for the world😊.

    I hope you manage to take your sick days!

    I was just wondering di you take probiotics xx

  • well good for you there... :)

    i will manage the sick days but im trying to think when...

    i have never tried probiotics and havent a got a clue which ones and am i that bad? xx

  • Probiotics are really meant to help your stomach by adding good bacteria to your stomach, I take them and I do think that my stomach calmed down a bit after I started taking them, it might be worth a try xx

  • mmm... i did think of that but one problem i dont know what they are and i have tried looking for them... x i am useless really lol x

  • Pharma Nord Bio Culture 60 Capsules amazon.co.uk/dp/B000GY77SI/...

    These are the ones I take xx

  • thank you for the link and it said contains milk protein and it not good for people who cant drink milk which i have stopped though...

    they help you a lot? xx

  • Oh no hun

    That's a shame I still have milk in my cereal skimmed organic milk.

    Yes they have stopped alot of the cramping whilst I eat and after xx

  • yes flipping diary product is not good for IBS sufferers as always painful...

    so i use Oat Milk for my cereal and tea...

    that good the tablets works for you...

    well i am up early and work ugh... dont want to go really... xx

    hope you have a great day there xx

  • Peppermint oil capsules are good for cramping as is Peppermint tea or cordial. I find if I have a pain flare I quite often get bowel spasms and diarrhea and it often leaves me feeling a bit beaten up for the next day or so just like if i had a tummy bug. I used probiotic drinks for years but stopped when I tried dairy and wheat free when undergoing bowel tests and have not had any noticeable difference so am saving my pennies; I know some people swear by them.

    I suspect that my uterus is pressing on my bowel or the bowel adhesions I had removed before are back. I have no trigger I just get "that" pain and know I'm going to be a repeated visitor to the loo. It means wherever we go I always know where the nearest toilets are and I always have tissues with me! Ironic reading this thread as I am recovering from an out of nowhere bout this afternoon but this time with vomiting first just to add to the fun! Good news is I don't need a summer diet!

  • thank you for your reply and sorry to hear that... peppermint oil i have tried that but it making my stomach upset which it shouldnt...


  • No worries. I think that if your digestive system is delicate it is really easily upset. I've heard eggs are good to settle things down but I loathe them in all their forms.

  • yeah eggs as i am afraid to use it as i got it bad as i have cooked it well but i thought i give it a try again... tonight hopefully... my digestive is pathetic as i cannot even eat green peas... which i love having...

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