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Diagnosis and Symptoms


I am 25 years old and been suffering worse and worse problems with my periods over the last 4 years or so.

It started with prolonged period and now I am in severe pain each month. I feel tired and ill and every emotional. I have bleeding when I pass a stool and when I am on my period the bleeding is in thick, dark clumps. I have also recently had shooting pains in my anus, hips, abdomin and legs. Along with about a million other issues.

I finally got referred to a gyno 6 months ago. I went for an mri last week and am awaiting results. My gyno refused to consider endo and told me my problems were coming from having the contraceptive implant and I should have a coil fitted.

Does this sound like endo? I am worried that if nothing shows on the scan (which I know sometimes it does not) they will fob me off with the implant excuse. What can I do to push this? It's now effecting my life in a big way

Thank you.

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Yep, definitely sounds like endo. If the MRI comes back clean, don't despair, endometriosis can only be definitively diagnosed by laparoscopy. I had many clear ultrasounds and one MRI in the days before my laparoscopy which found extensive endometriosis. If your gynae does not want to do a diagnostic lap if the MRI comes back clear, get a referral to a different gynae. Don't get fobbed off. Especially the bleeding with thick, dark clumps and the shooting pains sound like the pains I have and I have endometriosis in the Pouch of Douglas, among other places.

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Thank you for your reply :) I will wait and see what the mri results are and get onto the dr/gyne after that.


Where in the UK are you?


I am in weston super mare.


Yes it does. I have rectal pain that is sharp like someone has shoved a spear up my backside! I sometimes have contractions too and now and then a dull heavy pain in my legs. Keep on at them, to have those symptoms its defo something you have.


Yes I get the contraction pain too, when I tell people the majority think I am being over dramatic. I have aching in my legs like I have ran a marathon!


I know it's hard to explain especially as the symptoms can be so erratic! When I would get the contraction pains my abdo would blow up and I would waddle like if I was 9 months pregnant! When I would explain my symptoms to my dr he would look at me like he had heard the strangest symptoms possible but come onto this community and everybody gets it......

My legs ache but I only realised the link when lindle (online researcher above) explained in her article how if the endo is rectovaginal and putting pressure on nerves which can cause pains down the leg. I always gets the pain with lower back pain but it's not all the time. I also get numbness and prickling sensation that last moments, which could be related or not........


There have been times when I have been unable to move from the sofa because of these contraction pains. They usually last for around half an hour, then I am left with that dull ache.

I have suffered from a slip disk in the past, so I thought the leg and back pain might be this coming back, now I'm not so sure.

Thank you for your advise :)


Yes it's like an aftermath pain!


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