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Can I ask to push laperoscopy forward? I'm in agony! I can't take anymore!!!

Just waiting on a letter to give me a date for the laperoscopy, but the last few days the pain has got unbearable. I take 12 hour slow release OxyContin and have oxycodone to top it up for when pains get worse, I also take nefopam, but they just aren't helping at all, I'm stuck in bed doubled up in agony and on sat night I started being sick with the pains, it went on all night, I eventually went into a&e and they gave me IV morphine and paracetamol and antisickness, the antisickness helped but the painkillers only masked the pain ever so slightly, they sent me home with different antisickness tablets and they said my painkillers are strong enough! However today the pain has gotten 10 times worse, it's not only in the low part of my stomach on the right hand side, it's now also on the left hand side, down lower part of my back and down the tops of my legs! I've been throwing up non stop, and in agony in bed, my partner is having to look after our daughter for me, and I've also had to cancel yet more plans with friends today! I can't take anymore, I wud go back into hospital to get pain relief and IV antisickness, but don't think I can bear the waiting in a&e! So do u think there is any chance of asking to have this laperoscopy ASAP, as it's my final hope and I don't no how much longer I can take living like this! Sorry about long mesage! Xx

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So sorry you are suffering so much -I was same as you last December.You need to get back to A and E or call out of hours doctor in.I am in Scotland and the out of hours service is NHS 24 but you will have a similar service.I find this is the best way to go,as they will send a doctor in or an ambulance if needed.

Your symptoms sound very like a UTI or pelvic infection - please get help asap.Do you have a temperature or shivers and sweating.

We endo ladies are so used to extreme pain that it is often hard to know when to go to hospital and ,as you say they just give you pain relief and send you home again.

The only way you will get a lap quicker is if you are admitted as an emergency.I was admitted with a burst cyst and was expecting to be immediately operated on,but instead they did an ultrasound,said there was no cyst( no- it had burst 2 weeks previous).But it turned out I had a severe kidney infection and I ended up on iv antibiotics 3 days then sent home,still in agony as they didn't work.However no lap as they said while a cyst is emergency if causing theses symptoms,endo isn't !

Please don't delay.I think you are at the end of what you can bear and you need attention quick.Do let us know how you get on.Sending you a big hug.

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