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Will everything work ok after bowel sugary? Can anyone explain their procedure in non-medical terms?

Hi everyone,

I’m 27, living on my own far away from family and in last year been diagnosed with stage 4 endo. Had 4 lap surgeries and appendix out and things unstuck. Still having pain so now they want to do bowel resection due to my ovary&tube stuck, again, to the bowl, followed by removing a retroperitional noduale on the other ovary. I’m really scared, as I’m worried how to look this up online, don’t want to read anything bad. Can anyone help explain this process if they have been through it, and also if everything functioned well after, eg. Having kids? And what do you do to take your mind off the surgery?

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Id be interested in knowing this too


I'd be interested in knowing too, my consultant said that I may need bowel surgery too.


I'll let you know how I get on, I'll be seeing my consultant and nurses again so will be asking them more questions. But I feel that when they go into all the medical explanations and risks, I only understand the bad things so just need to hear someone's journey/experience with this too.


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