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Post operative laparoscopy pain

Hi there, I had an operative lap on friday 28th March multiple endometriomas removed from both ovaries, endometriosis removed from both ovaries and pouch of douglas, I had four stitches. My stitches were removed yesterday, (Friday 4th) and I'm now extremely sensitive across my whole abdomen, can bear to have anything touching the skin. It wasn't like this before I had the stitiches out, just want to know if anyone else has had the same experience and how long this sensitivity is likely to last. Still also really struggling with energy levels and feeling teary whenever I get tired, which is a lot of the time, can't walk very far and feel weak and pathetic, I recovered really quickly from my last Lap but this one is a lot different. Just want some reassurance really.

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Sounds normal - you'll be very swollen all over the tummy area inside - if they did laser or diathermy to remove the endo then it's like a very bad case of sunburn (but on the inside) ...and you know I'm sure - how senstitive your skin gets with direct sunburn.

You don't want anything to touch it, unless it's cool after sun cream or aloe vera.

Wearing bras and shirts on top of badly burned shoulders and back etc is really not nice and the skin gets very taught as it fills with fluid (same as a blisted does) ..then later in the recovery of normal sunburn when the pain eases off the skin starts to peel and get itchy - well the same thing will happen inside you and you cannot itch it which can be rather annoying and frustrating to - tingle sensations re normal also.

The process of burns heling is a lengthy one - takes a good few weeks just as it does with sunburn.

It does get better eventually. Taking pain killers can help a lot. Keep up with taking on board extra fluids to help with the healing.

Cold gels on the tummy may help calm the senstitive neve endings down.

Arnical gel or Aloe Vera gel - keep them cool in the fridge.

Even cold water flannel drapped over the tummy and left there - don't rub.

If you develop a fever or are sick or a skin rash appears, then those are indicators that you my have developed and infection in which cse get to A&E or your GP as soon as you can.

But so far your description is pretty much what is expected after extensive endo is burned off.


That all makes such good sense, thank you so much x



I had my lap done on 25th march and have been fine until yday.

I had stage 4 endo removed from my lady area (lol) and cysts removed. Also have extensive endo on bowel but they couldn't touch that.

I have that feeling when you would have fallen as a child and your leg was cut open around my tummy and lower down. Been taking tablets but I reckon it's cause I am on Day 20 of a 26 day cycle and that the hormones are working their magic and it's a bit raw there

Perfect timing for return to work on Tuesday...


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