Famouse people with endometriosis - a read to take your mind off things

Ok so I have had an awful endo week this week. I have started to have a really painful reaction to some of my pain killers (ironic) last weekend and have been off work all week. I then came on my period last night, had to take my strongest pain killers, and kind of went to fairy land on them (it made me feel like I was constantly walking in a fun house - uneven floors and things!). This did have its comedy moments though when I walked straight into a wall and ran sideways instead of walk forwards - hey, you have to laugh otherwise you would cry right?

Because I have been so down my partner sent me this link to try and cheer me up:


It made for an interesting read and it did work in a way. Finding out we have some famous endo sisters was strangely comforting. However, one thought has come to mind. Why, if the likes of Hilary Clinton, have this terrible disease, does it still take on average 7 years to diagnose? I may be wrong but I don't recall anyone using their status as a platform to spread awareness.

But hey. That kind of thinking is far to serious for me right now. I'm going to try and make a cup of tea - if I can ever walk straight enough to find the kettle! X

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  • Hi Catness,

    I'm glad you can see the funny side of your experiences last night! Hope you're ok.

    Thanks for the link. I saw this a while ago and googled a few of the women. Some of them have shared their stories to raise awareness but I had never seen anything myself in the media apart from Julia Bradbury about 8 years ago. Padma Lakshmi is very vocal and involved in raising awareness mostly in America. Also the CNN reporter Lizzie O'Leary.

    It did cross my mind that it might be an idea to get Endometriosis UK to approach some of the British women and ask if the would be willing to help raise awareness...but I got too lazy and far too busy wrapped up in my own selfish concerns! They've probably thought if this anyway! They have a good youth ambassador who was on ITV This Morning but I'm thinking of a famous face to get people's attention.

  • Thanks for posting that I enjoyed reading it. I too am amazed how many famous people suffer but don't use their status to raise awareness. So many people out there still don't even know what endometriosis is! Some people ask what's wrong with me and I tell them and they say oh what's that never heard of it. Most seen to switch off when you try and explain!! Maybe if it was more talked about in the media there would be a greater understanding.x

  • Yeah it is strange. If someone like Dolly Parton just came out with it, it would be wonderful! We can still hope I guess :)

    And yes, I have to see the funny side. I had a really shallow bath this morning still in a dream world as had no sleep and pain killers at 3am and tried to have a really serious conversation with my partner about how soft the bubbles were and trying to get him to feel them - and getting really cross when he just laughed at me!

    The giggles keep the tears at bay so I try to see something funny whatever the situation :) xx

  • Well girls, I'd read somewhere that Marilyn Monroe also had endo. It would certainly explain her addiction to painkillers, and generally why she struggled in life - other than been treated like crap by the worlds most powerful men, at the time. She also is reported to have had multiple abortions, but makes me wonder whether they were miscarriages..

    My mind is full of conspiracy now..poor Marilyn, and poor us.

  • Its funny, I was watching the film 'My Week with Marilyn' on Friday and at the time wondered if maybe she had endo and according to the Blog, she did!

  • Oh she is listed in the blog too, I missed that. And I completely agree with your reply below, you'd think Emma Bunton could have helped raise awareness years ago; it shows how shallow that 'girl power' rubbish really was - lucky I never believed that slogan was anything to do with feminism or improving women's lives. They were a pop group who flaunted themselves to sell records, just as any other pop group. I'd love someone to explain to me how flaunting yourself gives any woman, any power - I think men sold us that line to justify all sorts of seedy things...anyway, I'm really veering off course here :- ).. but don't get me wrong, I'm not religious or against girls/ women looking nice, I adore fashion and I love feminism, you can like both but I don't fall for the shallow media's idea of feminism.. i'll stop now, but you got me started LOL :-) . I can only conclude that Emma clearly didn't have much of the disease or she is just too dim to realise how serious an issue it is... Anyway, it's certainly not all her fault, but if I had a public profile, I would use it and I would try to help other women - just as Padma Lakshmi and Susan Sarandon have decently done - I admire them for that.

    It's certainly not a sexy disease but there are so many beautiful women out there who have this disease, so why is there such shame about it still? Grhhh, does make me angry.

  • I so agree with you! We'll all have to try and get famous so we can raise awareness!

  • Thanks so much for posting this! I really enjoyed it.

    Hope that you start feeling a bit better soon.

  • I'm glad you liked it :) x

  • thanks for posting this - it is interesting to read about famous fellow-sufferers and the fact that many of them also have trouble getting diagnosed - you'd think having fame and money would make things like that easier. I am disappointed that most don't seem to use their position to spread awareness, but I guess endo jsut isnt a 'sexy' illness, so its not media friendly! You'd think that Emaa 'Girl Power' Bunton could do something to help young girls get diagnosed!

  • This is so good!

    Surprised wih Dolly with endo - working 9-5..hopefully haha!:-)

  • Hey ladies, I'm a freelance journalist by trade. Diagnosed after lap one month ago and currently not working but when I'm well enough to be back at work, I may be able to help in some small way xxx

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