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What to expect from a laparoscopy?

I've had my first ever consultation with my gynae today, I was literally there ten minutes when he decided that he wants to get me booked in for laparoscopy! I was caught by surprise and forgot all the questions I was initially wanting to ask! I walked knowing within 2 months i'm having an operation and that's it! Can someone please help enlighten me in what to expect? I.e how long i'm expected to have off work, what's recovery like, am I able to still walk my dogs?? Thank you so much in advance


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Hey I understand it's all a bit of a shock but at least you will get answers I had my 7th lap last Monday. I normally have 1-2 weeks off work and normally up & about 3-4 days later depending on what they find & what they do. I've had endo cut out & lazered both are ok not really painful just sore after really. I've had cyst removed as well and it's just uncomfortable. You will get pain in your shoulder do to the gas when they pump up your stomach. Peppermint tea is great for it. You should have 1-4 little cuts mine changes everytime they normally heal within 2-3 weeks. Anything else just ask hope or helps x


Hi Tammy, I understand how nerve racking the thought of an operation can be, especially if it is your first one of any kind (as it was for me) I was very lucky in that my partner was able to work from home during my recovery so i had someone to help in the initial stages. I had 3 incisions made, and had endo ablated from 3 places as well as adhesions removed. Everyones recovery time is different, it really depends on the person, some women on here have had more than 1 laraoscopy and experienced a different recovery rate after each one. For me i was off for about 1 week and a half, because personally even though i was moving around after a couple days i just didnt feel "ready" to be at work again, so the doctor gave me a fit note for post operation rehabilitation, and im so glad i took it! Its all about listening to your body really, if youve had a couple of days and your moving around but you still feel it is too soon, take the time you need. The worse pain for me post op was the shoulder pain from the gas they use, it was uncomfortable and made me feel like i was never truly relaxed, the actual incision pain wasnt too bad, a little sore, but the key was moving around, my nurse encouraged me to be mobile as staying still would cause you to stiffen and make it more uncomfortable. I felt like a puppy for a while after, doing short bursts of activites and then needing a nap to recoup. I'd recommend a hot water bottle, it will help loads, and lots of pillows, and just to take it easy. As i said everyone experiences different recoveries, i thought mine would be quick as i was 19 and in fairly good shape, but it really depends on person to person, so i cant really comment on whether you would be able to walk your dogs but just say if you dont feel up for it dont push it, it can make recovery a lot longer. hope this is of some use, if you're curious to know more just let me know x


I had my first lap last Tuesday - here is my experience but it differs depending on what your getting done and how extensive

Changed into surgerical gown and wheeled to theatre. Given a tablet for acid reflux.

Brought into op room and then given sedation and woke up in recovery very sleepy.

Had a cathedrar and drain in.

Remained in hospital all night and was checked on hourly

Next morning everything removed felt a bit sick and tender

Basically slept two days

I guess I am a lucky person cause had no gas whatsoever (I heard to cure peppermint tea or hot water bottle)

I don't think you'll be able to walk your dogs for a good few days I still don't think I could

However I haven't been really in pain it has been surprising!!

Hope the above helps your situation might be different but thankfully my experience to date has been great - no bother at all!:-)



Everybody is different. It depends on what they find and what they have to do. Until you've had the lap, the surgeon himself won't know how much he has to do. After you've had the lap and are in recovery, the surgeon will normally come round and tell you what he's done and show you pictures.

Once you're checked out at the end of the day, they will give you pain killers to take regularly and you need to rest. I went back to my GP after 10 days feeling really ill because I didn't know how long I should be resting for and I felt guilty not doing anything, so I started ironing, hoovering etc..... She told me not to do anything like that, she said i should go home and be a patient, that I'd had extensive surgery and it would have taken the surgeon quite a while to perform as its extremely fiddly, so take plenty of pain killers each day and rest. ( 8 paracetamol plus 60 mg of codeine per day, which is equivalent to the morphine you would have after your op, also ibuprofen as its anti inflammatory, they will tell you at the hospital what to take ). I'm now 5 weeks after my lap and I'm nowhere near back to normal, I'm getting better but I'm not 100% so I think that you will have to discover for yourself whats right for you after your lap, we're all different and we've all had different surgeries during our lap, so be prepared for a few weeks minimum to heal.

Lisa xx


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