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Morphine, liquid & pill. How long till it kicks in??


Hi all, finally been prescribed morphine (tablet and liquid) after months of trying other pain relief. I started taking it yesterday tea time but was up again through night and have had bad pain for last few hours. I thought it would be an immediate effect so never thought to ask the dr how long it might take to start working. Any one got experience with this?

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Hi, I've taken morphine tablet and liquid for 3 months and it hasn't helped me with my pains, it makes me drowsy. I wish I could say they helped with the pains but for me nothing works. It usually starts to work within 10-20mins of taking it. Everyone is different what works for some may not work for others.

I've taken oramorph (liquid morphine) before and it took about 20 mins to work. Now I take oxycodone (tablet / synthetic morphine) probably takes about 20-30 mins. IV morphine works instantly.

Oh no! I was really hoping this would work :-(

Thanks for your replies xx

I'm currently in hospital because I couldn't control the pain myself at home. Iv been on morphine pills every 2 hours for the last 24 and they haven't touched me. The pain specialist said there is nothing else to try as she won't prescribe anything that's injected or IV. To be honest she was a right cow because she told me off for having an allergic reaction :-(

Oxycodone works fairly well. My friend has great relief from it. It definitely dulls my pain down but I get awful side effects from it. BUT I seem to react badly to everything so don't go by me x x

Shellbell84 in reply to Jofus89

Hi jofus, wow you're really having a bad time of it...I feel like a whiger now! It's just so hard when in pain!

Going in for diagnostic lap on Monday then after that hopefully a total pelvic peritoneal excision. Paying an awful lot of money for it so I just hope it works. This is my 3rd day of morphine and it has bunged me up so bad, NOTHING I have taken will make me go which I think is making the pain worse, sorry to be graphic! Sometimes feel like going to hospital myself but then I hear horror stories like yours and think I will manage on my own. I hope you're getting sorted, I really do! Xxx

Jofus89 in reply to Shellbell84

To be honest if i wasn't being sick is go home because I was managing my pain better. They have bunged me right up in here!!! Really hoping to sort that before it gives me belly pain too x x

Are you being sick because of the meds or because of the pain? Or both! Xx

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