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Health Insurance?

Hey everyone.

I was just wondering if any of you have been to private hospitals and such for treatment and consultations.

If so did you pay yourself or have you got health insurance that covered everything, as I am looking into getting health insurance but not sure which ones are best and that will cover everything.

If anyone has got health insurance any advice would be great on where to look and such x

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No sorry but would be interesting to find out aswell xx



I took out Benenden health cover through work that just entitles me to treatment if the NHS waiting time is too long and causes too much interference in your life. Doesn't matter what conditions you have pre existing. The only condition is you have to wait 6 months as a member before you can apply for treatment but there are Drs advice lined etc. I only pay £7.80 per month my employer pays nothing. Think they may have opened up who can join because before it was just civil servants and a few other professions. It's worth sticking in google and having a look. Just hady 1st consultant as I have a long wait fur a lap. Really pleased with the service so far. Not having op now til Aug but that mainly due to me and me asking for other treatments and also he wants to prep me with 3 months of injections. Looks a lovely Hosp in a lovely location. Can have certain things done at your local Hosp privately but not my lap & ablation.



Hi. Went privately within an nhs hospit but paid for mine. I looked into insurance but the ones I found didnt core existing conditions or chronic illnesses. I was in a rush to get mine done as I'm going travelling soon so decided to pay. The consultations was about £100 an the lap was £2000 x


I have aviva cover through work with medical history disregard. The company pays £33 per month for me. I had to pay £100 excess per issue per year. Sod's law that my check up is after the renewal date meaning another £100 excess! I know the consultants fee for my initial appointment would have been £160.



Hi there! Health insurance is a big help for me! Medication nowadays is getting expensive especially doctors fee, surgery and medicines! My health insurance covers what I need to pay for it. And it lessen the cost of any medication I need to undergo. I suggest you must get one as well. This is a necessity for all that will really help you in the end. You can get a good recommendation and reviews of some health insurance from this site (accidents-happen) where I also got mine.


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