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WHY!? Does period pain make my leg and knee ache???

I just don't understand!?

I have been on the pill for 4 months now - did my 3 months back to back (breakthrough bleeding for 2 months solid) then had a period which was really not as bad as I thought it might be but still pretty sore.

Come to next round of pill and I still have 7 days to go and I got my period 4 days ago FULL ON (still taking pill) - heaviest I have ever had (bearing in mind mine are not normally heavy) and full of clots. Pain not so bad in the first few days, nothing a few panadol didn't dull.

BUT today! now that is a different story, killer pain in right side and hip and aching all the way to my knee and sometimes ankle... why... why does it make my knee and hip hurt? For a long time before Endo was tossed out there as a possibility I though I had arthritis! It aches so bad and nothing touches the pain, Tramadol, codeine,... nothing.

Is this really Endo related?? I just find it so odd that cramps can turn into hip and knee pain. Does this affect anyone else? What do you do?

I am back at the GYN in 2 days for assessment after doing the pill thing for 4 months - still not formally diagnosed - am hoping for Lap referral. I did think that the pill may have been all I needed as it has taken most of the pain away.... until today grrrrrrrr

Hope everyone is having good pain free days xxxx

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I think you should go & get your iron count checked. I'm always on iron tablets. My legs ache all the time. X


Someone I met at the endo march last week had seen an endocrinologist too and was told that 'cos of all the bleeding she was not only deficient in iron but also in vitamin B which can cause nerve problems - might be worth taking a supplement to see if that helps. I've also got rt hip and knee pain and wondering if arthritis or endo. Do be assertive and insist on a lap it's still the only way to diagnose. Hope you get some help soon. x


The other repliers are right, you need a good multi B vit with zinc and magnesium. You also may benefit from a laxative or softener. I had horrendous pain on my left side and down the left leg.

My pain was caused by a combination of severe endo with adhesions between the bowel and uterus, bladder and urethra, uterus and ovaries. I also had edometriosis on the bowel nerve and on my kidneys which caused referred pain to many other areas.

It's a very insideous disease.

I had to have a full hysterectomy before I had sucessful relief from pain.

Good luck!


My IVF consultant explained that the uterus is linked to the lower half of the body, i.e. hips and legs, whereas apparently the ovaries are linked to, and develop with the upper half. So basically uterus issues (period pain, endo, adenomyosis, fibroids etc) can all cause referred pain in hips & legs. I get very bad thigh pain during periods. Hot water bottles & maybe acupuncture?


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