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Acid reflux.....

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I haven't yet been diagnosed with endo as the doctor's say it is ibs,

I have really bad pains in my lower abdomen and back pain I don't get periods due to being on the depo injection but do get spotting, my question is does any one suffer with acid reflux because of their endo?...

And another question can you refer yourself to go see a endometriosis specialist as it a big battle with my doc saying im to young, plus due to being on the depo i cant have endo and just want some answers like most of us do, thanks in advance for anyone that replys I really appreciate your kindness ladys :)

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Hi there, I've not yet been properly diagnosed with endometriosis, but the gyne I saw a couple of weeks ago said there's a 99% chance I have it based on my symptoms. I suffer with acid reflux but I think that's down to stress rather than anything to do with my cycle. I do get more anxious / pms a week or two before my period so my stress levels go up, which gives me acid reflux/heartburn/sore throat/nausea xx I take omoperazole if it gets bad.


Hi I have the delightful endo .... I had horrendouse reflux I had cysts once the cysts had been drained touch wood it has vanished! Reflux that old tricky one I have coeliac disease I thought thats why I had the reflux but now them cysts have gone for now it has calmed down. I was 11 when my endo started you are never too young my daughter is 8 struggling with stomach pains had blood test to confirm early puberty the Dr's are already querying endo in her as it can run in families I really hope its not however just to tell your naive Dr you are never too young! Demand a second opinion ... I use to ihgnore my endo but at some point it gets hold of you and if left only complicates things take it from someone who ignored it! Good luck x


Many GPs have poor awareness of endometriosis and often diagnose it as ibs. Your GP sounds like one of them. Print out the summary of this study and show it to him.

I found it via an excellent blog on endo by PhD endo researcher. Here is the post in which he refers to this report. It's about halfway down. Show that to your GP too.

You also need to inform your GP that the charity Endometriosis UK has a new young ambassador called Alice. She has had endo since the age of 12. Print her story and show your GP

You have the right your choose your own specialist even if they are located at the other end of the country! General gynaecologists are not experienced enough to treat and sometimes are not able to diagnose either.

I do not know if you have endo but you need either confirm it or rule it out. I suggest that you keep a pain and symptom diary to add weight to your story and push very hard for a proper diagnosis of your symptoms underpinned by diagnostic tests.

I used to have acid reflux but since changing my diet to an endo friendly diet, the reflux has gone.


mickey mouse, i have the exact same symptoms and i really hope you get some answers, i have been checked for ulcers etc and now am going to see if i have endo, horrific pain when i'm on but its gastric pain as well as lower abdomen - is that the same as you ?



I get Ibs with my endometriosis and acid reflux also. Although no one has ever specifically linked my acid reflux to my endometriosis I know it is related to changes in my cycle. If your dr is not been helpful, maybe try another gp as it is so important to have an understanding gp who listens. Hope you get sorted x


I have endo and have just been given tablets for acid reflex type symptoms. I get shooting pains in my chest. Very interesting to read that several other people with endo say that they also have acid reflux. I didn't really think there was a link.

I only had my endo diagnosed after I haemorrhaged in France in August. The amazing doctor there diagnosed me and after an MRI it was confirmed. Before that I was getting very bad pain up my bottom, and I had no idea what it was, although it was often around my period. I thought it was piles! I also had ibs symptons. My doctor told me that I've probably had endo since i started my periods when I was 12, 15 years ago. Therefore, although it is something that does get worse with age if left untreated it can happen at any age. x


Hi mickey - firstly I am so sorry that you are going through this. I can't comment on your depo question as I don't have experience of this. However I can tell you that I was diagnosed with IBS when I was 21 and then had over a year of horrible near constant acid reflux a few years later. I made some dietary changes which did help - if you would like I can message you more about this. Endo was then finally confirmed a few more years later - like so many I diagnosed myself and asked to be referred to a specialist. I don't think you mention how old you are but I would definitely encourage you to push hard for a referral to investigate whether you do have endo. Do not be fobbed off - so many of us are. Good luck and drop me a line if you'd like more info on what I did diet-wise for acid reflux. Xx

Ps I'm not sure whether there is any proven direct connection between endo and acid reflux - it might be coincidence or an indirect association, I wonder whether others have also experienced this


Thank you everyone for the information :) think I will demand for a referral to see an endo specialist


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